On the Right Track

How many steps do you walk daily? How many calories do you intake in a day? How many words does a writer pen in a week? What’s the average count of your sleeping hours?

All of the above questions share a collective entity i.e., Tracking. It’s in our human nature. By tracking or measuring our activities, we seek improvement and take our best foot forward to create a future supportive to us. We track things to push and move on. It is a powerful tool describing us where we are in a specific time, position, or how much we have progressed.

In a general setting, we set up a baseline marking our current state, whether we are making progress or not. It helps in setting realistic goals. Once that is configured, we keep tabs on our improvements. Herein we celebrate our win, even the small one, and check losses to sustain our momentum to keep our confidence and motivation high. This helps, as it allows us to correct the course. We can find out what went wrong and why. Tracking gives us something to celebrate and encourages us to keep going towards our target.

It seems to be a very minor detail; however, people who stay on track sound like they pay attention to their behavior. Often, keeping track may be a difficult chore to follow. But that’s the whole point, it forces us to pay attention to the overall behavior we are trying to change.

It holds things at the forefront of our minds and helps us in setting our priorities right. Naturally, tracking will get simpler over time, and you will spend less time worrying about it and more time doing it. In conclusion, like a map, tracking helps you locate yourself and allows you to plan where you want to be.

The whole point is to understand the minimum level of advantages, we humans can take from tracking. And this is just the lowest level. When incorporated in industries and businesses, the top of the chain, it makes a massive difference in the way with live.

Understanding this importance of tracking, as a business magazine, for the medical field, we bring forth India’s Best EMR/EHR and Medical Billing Solution Providers. This exclusive edition showcases the best of firms assisting the medical world in planning, tracking, and offering convenient ways to users and what works for their specific goals.

We kick-start things off with our Cover Story, Tranquilmoney Inc. Headquartered in New Jersey, it is a technology company assisting healthcare providers shorten the revenue cycle and healthcare payers’ accuracy in forms processing and quick turnaround. 

With over ten years experience in managing healthcare receivables, Tranquilmoney’s Outsourcing division provides proven services to manage third party receivables. With back-office facilities in India, Tranquilmoney offers 24-hour office functionality and overnight turnaround.

Other than that, we have Medryte, a full-service medical billing company with extensive experience in multi-specialty billing and coding; Kaaspro Enterprises, providing affordable cloud-based solutions for enterprises ranging from single users to multi-users; and last but not the least Healtho5 Solutions, empowering businesses to use modern technologies like AI and machine learning to stay connected with their patients both within and out of the care facility.

While learning about these esteemed businesses, do not forget the industry expert’s viewpoint tagged under CXOs. Also, keep your keen eyes on the article EMR/EHR’s Revolutionized Healthcare, masterly crafted by our in-house editors.

So, without further ado, it’s time time to turn the pages and learn about these businesses in detail.

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