The ‘New Normal’ of Interior Designing
Apart from technical glitches, intermittent network, frozen images and echo sounds, one most common annoying feature that most Indians reported during work video conference calls in India was that of whistles from a pressure cooker. While we may have laughed off at this during our conference calls, it certainly poses questions regarding how ready our homes are for work. The situation is here to stay for an indefinite time and needs to be answered.

As the offices shift to homes and the lines between home and workspaces blur, the Interior Designing Industry faces new challenges of making homes more compatible with work from home (WFH) features. The WFH model, analysts predict will continue even after the pandemic is over. Most predict a hybrid mode of work giving companies and employees the flexibility to work from both office and home as per the requirement. Accordingly, the way homes are designed will continue to be a crucial aspect.

The new normal interiors for homes are predicted to be flexible and functional. Right from wall colours that exude a cozy yet energetic feel to furniture that can serve multiple purposes, the design of a home will change to accommodate the new requirements. Colours and patterns that have a relaxing effect on the mind and help bolster a secure feeling will be dominant. Flexible partitions, noise-absorbing curtains, lighting that is easy on eyes and yet bright enough for video calls will play a crucial role. Flexible, foldable and multipurpose furniture that can be equally comfortable to use for work or recreation purposes will stay in demand.

As for office interiors, maintaining physical distancing and hygiene will be the priority. The emphasis will be on how best to utilize the available space to accommodate maximum people with minimum direct interaction. Even where direct interaction is unavoidable, the focus will be on creating feasible barriers that can help follow the hygiene principles. Natural and clean air circulation and utilization of natural light also need to be taken care of.

The task ahead is challenging, but not one that cannot be achieved with creativity and technology. In this edition of Insights Success, we present ‘India's Most Innovative Interior Design Companies to Watch’. These companies lack neither imagination nor experience and are open to experimenting. They create spaces that are a perfect mix of ancient wisdom and new-age technology bringing the best of past into present and future.

On the Cover, we have The KariGhars. With a dream to transform the ordinary into sensational spaces, the company conceptualizes, curates, and chooses cohesive shading palettes that further upgrade the aesthetics of the expanse.

The edition also features Creative Ventures, one of the prominent leaders in interior designing services domain; Cubes Interior Solutions, a widely recognized firm with expertise in Turnkey Interiors for residential, commercial, office and beauty projects; Enside Elevation Interiors, a one-stop-shop for all your interior designing needs with over 10 years of experience in Interiors; FLAPTO, India’s first tech-enabled home interiors online marketplace for Custom Modular Furniture manufacturers; Skaid Designs, a form that encourages revolution of designs rooted in the fundamentals of artistry, functionality, craftsmanship, and perfection; Soumya & Shailesh Design Consultants, a design studio dedicated to creating holistic, spatial experiences in multi-disciplinary projects; and Studio 165 is a full-service firm operating in the field of architecture and interior design offering its construction expertise to make better spaces.

In an interview, Ar Vipin Bakiwala shares the vision and workings of his company, Vipin Bakiwala Design Studio.

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