Agree, a city such as St. Petersburg, deserves not only a captive acquaintance with a tour of the mandatory program of his business cards. Truly inquisitive travelers quickly get tired of running “gallop across Europe”, their soul requires close attention and a thorough study of the places they like. Especially for tourists who dream of penetrating into every St. Petersburg corner, silently keeping the stamp of time, leisurely explore all the sights and stroll along Petersburg avenues and streets, choosing their own rhythm, and individual tours to St. Petersburg are being developed. Find more info at the

Features and advantages of individual tours to St. Petersburg
Individual tours involve a limited number of tourists with a guide, usually from one to five. Depending on the availability of free time, travelers can take an active part in working out the route or assign these responsibilities to the managers of travel companies, but in any of the options all the wishes of tourists will be taken into account.

In addition, you can offer already formed tour with a personal guide and a separate transfer. At the same time, if you chose a ready-made individual tour to St. Petersburg, this does not at all mean that it will not be possible to make your own adjustments to its program (as is the case with group tours). Tourists have the right to change the duration of the tour, cross out or add certain cultural objects, choose the appropriate place and time of departure of transport, as well as order additional services.

Petersburg individual tours have other advantages. In personal travels, all hotels in St. Petersburg become accessible to tourists, while in group tours the choice of hotels is limited. In addition, you can choose an acceptable schedule of the program, that is, alternate rich sightseeing days with walks in the city alone with yourself or with friends.

The routes of exploring the city on the Neva with an individual guide are beyond the scope of the standard tourist program and include little-known or forgotten places in St. Petersburg. Excursions for those tourists who want to discover classic Petersburg with its famous museums and architectural monuments will be filled with exclusive stories and comments from experienced guides.

If you wish, you can touch the sights located in the suburbs of St. Petersburg, and together with the guide visit Pushkin, Peterhof, Gatchina, Tsarskoye Selo, etc.

The cost of individual tours to St. Petersburg
Individual tours are by definition more expensive than group tours. A guide works with tourists, whose payment for services usually depends on the time spent, so for two or three guests his stories will cost as much as a group of 30 tourists.

Composing an individual tour, you can save considerably if you include several group excursions into the program.

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