Individuals with narcissistic personality disorder are people who are operating from a False Self. The narcissist’s grandiose version of him or herself is a constructed façade which requires narcissistic supply (outside attention) to hold it up. A narcissistic individual’s complete driving force in life is to mine narcissistic supply – the acclaim and attention which offsets the self-demonizing inner voices which are constantly threatening to emotionally annihilate him or her.

Because the narcissist’s emotional existence relies on gaining narcissistic supply, narcissistic individuals are consummated actors. They are highly skilled at knowing how to read people, get into their emotional, mental and psychic space and appeal to them in the most effective way to quickly mine supply.

People with narcissistic personality disorder individuals are well versed on body language, and all sorts of methods and information to know how not to be detected when they are lying. An individual with narcissistic personality disorder has a severely stunted Inner Self, therefore he or she has no true self identity. To compensate, the narcissistic personality become sexactly what other people need them to be in order to gain narcissistic supply. The narcissistic supply sought is the attention, acclaim, sex, adulation or possessions that the narcissist feels entitled to take.

He or she can pretend to be the remorseful partner when found out about an affair, whilst simultaneously telling the lover that he or she is leaving the spouse but needs more time, whilst telling family and friends what a horrible marriage he or she is in and how it is so abusive in order to gain their sympathy (further narcissistic supply) and secure the agenda of keeping people away from the spouse so they don’t find out about the affair.

Narcissistic individuals are incredibly capable pathological liars. Because it is the False Self in operation there is no connection to remorse of guilt. Narcissistic individuals know they are amoral – the truth is they don’t care about other people enough to be truthful. Everything and everyone in their life is an object – a tool for gaining supply.

It is shocking to non-narcissistic people that grown adults are capable of such pathological behaviour. To the narcissist who has completely submerged his is her Inner Self and only has a False Self to work with – it is totally necessary to be a chameleon constantly. The truth is the narcissistic personality does not know who he or she is; all he or she knows is a constant inner anxiety which can only be soothed by gaining narcissistic supply. The narcissistic personality due to intense self-loathing and feelings of powerlessness and dire unworthiness sold his or her soul long ago. The chameleon replaced the desire for integrity from a very early age.

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