Individuation: A Soul’s Journey

One thing’s for sure for all of our lives, regardless of who or where we are, that is that we wake up each day with a life experience that has created who we are! Our Soul knows where we’ve been and where we’re going! Soul knowledge is indestructible! In the quest to truly understand this as an individuation process, we must recognize that our early family of origin experience has played a strong role in how we perceive and interpret life! Let’s fact it, looking at ourselves objectively is not all that easy to do!! And just how could we, we have memories and feelings about so many things, especially how our caretakers responded. While at the very same time, equally true is that we hold an inherent blueprint as our basic temperament and personality disposition. However, this blueprint is constantly influenced by our experiential learning and environmental variables. The blueprint itself will not change though it can be nourished or thwarted along the way. As we go through all of life’s ups and downs, we must decide what works best for us through a growing sense of Self-Determination and self- correcting autonomous functioning. We’re able to strengthen this process through Self Trust, Self Love and Self Expression.

Research in Early Childhood/ Object Relations and Family Dynamics for the most part demonstrate that our value and response systems are embedded into us early on which shapes how we form judgment in all of our choices. Our Spiritual psychology has been internalized through Object Relations and environmental effects. We can’t help but evolve from what we know to be true as we continually venture forward. Nevertheless, we also know that what’s true may change over time because we are constantly changing as we welcome a discernment of higher truth. We learn about ourselves through others, through nature and through our inner wisdom that is part of the great source in the universe. To truly actualize ourselves, we must experience challenge or otherwise we would most likely not grow and remain the same. Each time we feel ready to spring forward we must heed to the Spiritual truth that our entire universe will also change as a mutually reflective feedback loop. Courage and willingness to move into unknown territory is an act of Faith in order to better know our Spiritual Truth! Only you know how important this is for you! If you have a robust Faith then you will do so!

Our Spiritual Truth rests on three pillars: Self- Trust, Self-Love and Self Expression! This is the threefold process that enriches the path of individuation during every stage of our life. As far as I’m concerned Self-Trust must be established and come before all else. When you think about it, if you can’t trust yourself, than really who can you trust? With Self -Trust you’ll get to know yourself better and in turn as you know yourself better, a true Self-Love will glow from within and pierce through your eyes. Your Sparkling Truth is an energy of Self-Love and Self-Expression.

Pure Self-Love is a surety of self regardless of other’s behavior or reactions. We cannot hope to feel approval as a substitute for genuine Self-Love. If you feel you may be craving "approval" then an underlying codependency needs to be worked through. That takes time and you may want to consider seeking professional help. Receiving approval from others for healthy functioning individuals is secondary since it doesn't really matter to your Soul’s journey. Your Soul’s viability comes from Self-Trust, Self -Love and Self-Expression. It has nothing to do with any other outside approval. If you’re drawn toward something that will enrich community/ and or society then this positive energy builds from its own momentum and is fulfilling in itself; Whereas, outside approval feeds your ego which we know is not your soul. So the underlying message at the end of the day is that Self-Actualization is a Soul’s expression directly from Source. We share one Source even though we are all so unique in Spirit and appearance! Our Spiritual Psychology and internalized object relations affect us on a deep level and impact our Soul’s journey but that itself is not our Soul’s journey! Our Soul thrives on the freedom to be Oneself and allows full Self-expression. When challenges appear, the ego first attempts to deal with these but our Soul knows it will break through limitation and always evolve in spite of Ego energy. Making peace with ‘Ego’ through conscious living will help dissolve it as the Soul’s truth shines and sparkles so bright. The individuation process makes it all so clear that your Soul’s journey shines with bright light! With all that said, Isn't this who you really are?

Author's Bio: 

Moreen is a heart-centered Mind –Body- Spirit practitioner. She is author of "Divine Dimensions: Expressions in Daily Life" (copyright 2014) available at www.Barnes and, www.Abbottpress.comand
Additionally, she is co-author in three international, anthology publications through 'The Professional Woman Network'.
As a Licensed NJ Social Worker, Life Purpose Coach and Reiki practitioner, she enjoys helping others realize their latent gifts within so they may create a more meaningful,fulfilling life.
She is mother of two and resides in central NJ.
Available for free-lance writing projects.
Contact her at 732-754-8681 Facebook or Linked In