Lets face it, the convenience of exercising at home is something that can make the difference between daily exercise and the odd gym visit. We all know that if you really want to lose weight and be fit, you have to get regular exercise. Once or twice a week is just not good enough and if you rely on going to your local gym to get your daily exercise, then chances are that you won't make it there most days of the week.

Home fitness equipment comes in many shapes and sizes and to be honest with you, most of them are far below par. Cardiovascular training is a very necessary part of weight loss exercise and very few "machines" can give you the intensity and variety of exercise needed. In the last 5 years, countless "infomercial products" came unto the market that are based on training programs without any equipment. In reality its nothing more than a modified form of aerobics and even if the intensity levels can get quite high, it really lacks the resistance training needed.

When it comes to home fitness equipment, the 2 leading pieces of equipment are treadmills and elliptical trainers. They are both excellent and any one of the two can act as a complete workout that you can do in the comfort of your own home.

Although I love both those machines, there is one alternative that very few people are using and if you find a treadmill or an elliptical trainer too boring, the I want to suggest that you try indoor rowing machines.

An indoor rower is unique in that it offers you a complete body workout that has the benefits of cardio and strength training - without the impact of running. Rowing is exciting and its different. Although its mainly focused on the upper body, when used properly it can be an all inclusive workout machine. Its relatively inexpensive, its very robust and small enough to store under a bed.

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