An investor is supposed to do a lot of research while searching for the right industrial property. Fewer guidelines need to be followed. The research is required because sometimes, the investor wants to put the industrial property on resale. Ideally, putting the property on the lease is simple and basic. There should be certain rules, which have to be followed by the landlord as well as the tenant.
Basically, rent is on the overall rent basis and the responsibility of paying the whole rent remains with the tenant only. The process must be smooth and sound, but the landlord has to make sure that the whole payment goes out on a regular basis. The landlord should also make doubly sure that there is no left/unpaid rent on the tenant's side so as to avoid the unwanted fine.
• Several things usually attract people towards industrial properties. Though, these key features vary from the property to property. For example, one of the biggest key features of industrial property is ample car parking space. Obviously, an industrial property without adequate care parking space is not done. Some of the properties only have the space for the staff and some of the properties have the space for the customers. But you should be looking at the properties which have ample space for customers as well as staff so that they can park their vehicles over there.
• Another important key feature is food loading and turning areas. In industries, one of the most common vehicles is truck. You must have a separate area for the loading and offloading process of the trucks. In some industries, the area for car parking and the turning process is just the same. But you should look for the property which has a separate space for the food loading and turning. This will not only make the process smooth but it will also increase productivity.
• In addition, it is important to make sure that food loading and all the truck entry points are near the warehouse stations. If it will be near the warehouse stations, the products will directly go to the warehouse stations. It will also not take enough time to transport the products. In return, the productivity of the industry will be ultimately increased.
• Industrial property for sale should be looked in the area in which you want to do your business. Always try to look for it in the proper location. For example, if you are looking for it in the Cape Town, you should make your search with Industrial Property For Sale Cape Town.
• In case, if you want the lesser space then you can look for the retail centre for sale in Cape Town.

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Basically, rent is on the overall rent basis and the responsibility of paying the whole rent remains with the tenant only.