The argument is whether inexperienced men can run a smooth and extremely successful relationship with women, the first question was if an inexperienced guy can really attract women. can they? do women like them? Oh yes! it is obvious that some girl really would prefer a simple always mute handsome guy over a player. OK lets start from the beginning, every one of us were inexperienced at one point or another, those days we just wished something could change

When you wished you were a little more handsome or a little more taller.

Have you ever felt like that - I mean those times you just wished something would change. Well, I have been there a couple of time and I know lots of guys have also been in this situation. Over the week I have received a lot of question about attracting women, About what it take to get women to love you, Whether inexperienced men can successfully build a relationship, the shy, timid kind of guys, whether they can have it the way they want it too.

I was a bit surprised by the question whether inexperienced men really do attract women. you want the truth to be told? Then the answer would be yes, somehow with more luck they can attract women, but the issue is not
whether they can attract women it is whether they can keep women and be the man. The inexperienced guy needs luck to attract them while the experienced guy doesn't need luck, they get it when they want it.

I would rather answer a question about "what it takes to attract women," it is obvious that an inexperienced footballer can score a goal when placed face to face with the goal post, that is called cheap goals, the real worth of a man is tested when he is very far from the goal post, then will experience count, only then would you understand that a novice can attract women but it takes only a minute and the real scared guy pops out.

If you are inexperienced with women the best you can do is to change your gear and learn what work, it is obvious that many are OK with very little but real men go for the best, yes I go for the best, I am the kind that wants to hang out with the most beautiful girl in the neighborhood, I want to move around with the sweetest girl in town and if I have to do that successfully I need to learn what works with women, I need to know what turns them off and what turns them on

Women respond to almost all men the same way. They scarcely care about the way you look, it is surprising that most of the guys that are not successful with women are more handsome than those that are hitting it all day
and all night. Some attitude attract women while some other behavior repels them. I want to talk about confidence to attracting women and effective communication

If you want to attract women and keep them First, act like a man. A man is confident and focused, not shy nor often Intimidated, men say what happens and they walk tall. Women and even men respect a confident, focused man. No girl want to be stuck with a scared, always crying, always begging guy, they want to be seen with a confident tough guy and the good news is that anybody can put up this character

Anybody can learn to behave confident and focused, first quite those pleas take me attitude - this is almost the only thing I said on this page. If you want to get women, stop begging them to take you, behave like you have a lot to offer, like you are the one they should chase. Do you notice that most guys that are successful with women are not always the nice type? They are the tough cocky type of guys.

They treat women like kids and yet they flock around them the more. Every successful relationship is built on the foreground of effective communication. You need to know what to say to a lady to get her to follow you. You need to say the right thing.

OK there is just no exact thing you say to women that always sounds attractive; this is how to make everything and anything you want to say sound attractive. Guys switch over to compliments whenever a pretty girl is around. They think telling a women how beautiful she looks and how they really want her for keeps would get her singing their songs but it doesn't

If you want to get women - Quite complimenting and try confrontation, when you compliment women they get satisfied and relax but when you confront them they work harder to satisfy you. so how do you confront women? By simply getting a bit of cocky and funny.

Walk up to a pretty girl in a club and say Hey, I noticed you normally don't take your eyes off handsome guys like me, why not simply walk up to me and ask for my number who knows, I may decide to give you..." the only way to know how women react to such comments is to try it first. it is called cocky-funny in communication.

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