"I have a large seashell collection which I keep scattered on beaches all over the world." Steven Wright

Jupiter, the planet of expansion and growth, brings us the most positive energy in the Universe in different areas of ourselves and life over a twelve-year cycle as he changes sign every year. And, because we're all microcosms of the macrocosm, or as the ancient Vedic seers said, "When we go to sleep at night, we swallow the Universe . . . and when we awake we spit it back out," to the degree that we can internalize and own our capacity for expansion and growth, to this degree will we make the most of our Jupiter transits.

We contain all the planets in the solar system within us, and their energies--once embraced and owned whole-heartedly (yes, even Saturn)--their wonders we'll behold. In mythology, Neptune rules the seas, Pluto the underworld, and Jupiter the heavens. And, truly, once we've claimed Jupiter's heavenly energies in our beings as our birthright, then infinite abundance--on all levels--can begin to flow in.

My definition of abundance includes financial and material wealth, but certainly not exclusively. It's similar to the way I view power as just neutral cocreative energy, in which right use or misuse is determined by our intentions. The energy of power runs through the full range of chakra functioning--from physical power to creative, from personal power to heart power to psychic and spiritual power and beyond.

So too, with abundance, we have: Physical, mental and emotional health, sense pleasure and creative abundance, abundance on the heart levels--which I call the gold standard, as it is what we are all truly seeking--and spiritual abundance where we commune with the Divine and tap into the infinite.

Jupiter is the planet of good fortune, called the Great Benefic, and wherever we find it in our birth charts is where the Universe innately bestows on us our greatest bounty--especially if he has harmonious aspects with Saturn, Venus or the Moon.

But, every planet (and sign) has its shadow side, and when our Jupiter placement is afflicted (and remember, all souls choose their birth circumstances perfectly for karmic lessons, healing and growth--for more on this see: LEELA)--we may experience a tendency to waste our resources through self-indulgence and hedonism, or misuse any of Jupiter's positive qualities by taking them to extremes.

For example, since Jupiter, our biggest planet, rules expansion, we can experience this as an expansion of our consciousness, through our philosophy of life, search for the truth, and meaningful travels to foreign lands--all focuses of the ninth house, which is Jupiter's natural domain. But, if an undeveloped soul does't have a higher purpose for his travels, he may become a lifelong wanderer, endlessly seeking externally that which eludes him--instead of finally looking within--in other words, continually gathering more knowledge, without putting it to good use experientially.

Another example is, with many individuals who have a prominent Jupiter or Sagittarian influence (which is the sign he rules), a tendency to have expanding bodies through having too much of a good time with food. This is especially so, I've noticed, with Jupiter (or Sag) on the ascendant, as our rising sign governs our external persona through our appearance. Jupiter in the sixth house of diet and health, especially if conjoined with the Moon, can also be a signal that might indicate emotional over-eating.

Another way that Jupiter's shadow comes out is through greed and avarice in an unevolved soul, rather than being a naturally altruistic giver.

At this point, it might be good to quote one of my favorite astrologers and teachers, Alan Oken, who said:

"The relative level of consciousness and state of the soul is not revealed in the chart and it is only a psychically-oriented astrologer's intuition which can determine this factor."

Most astrologers would agree that it's impossible to determine from a cold reading of a birth chart whether an individual is a psychopath or a saint. For example, both Gandhi and Osama bin laden have Jupiter square the Moon--look at that range!

When Jupiter conjuncts the Moon (our personal emotional nature), it's considered one of the best combinations to have as it gives one optimism, enthusiasm, emotional buoyancy and the capacity to fulfill one's own needs for happiness from within. Characteristics of a Moon/Jupiter conjunction include inspiration, generosity and a naturally nurturing nature.

But, the shadow side of this very same Jupiter/Moon conjunction may manifest as being self-destructive, moody, lazy, conceited, smothering or, at its worst, fanatical--one of the best example of this being Hitler.

Examples of variations of the shadow side of Jupiter/Moon conjunct are: Whitney Houston, Robert Downey Jr., Jimmy Hendrix, Van Gogh, and Edgar Allen Poe.

Of course, keep in mind with all examples of Jupiter aspects, many other considerations in the chart feed into the overall karmic and personality predisposition.

The positive attributes above are also true with the flowing aspects of the sextile and trine, a bit more challenging to keep under control and in balance with the square and opposition aspects, and more of an alternating current with the inconjunct aspect. This will also be the case with all the Jupiter aspects listed below.

But we all get to experience transiting Jupiter conjunct our Moon once every twelve years (and many times more if we include all the other transiting aspects) when we can experience the most marvelous feelings of emotional wellbeing and happiness, even with no external triggers. This gives us a taste of what those lucky consciously evolved souls feel like, who are born with this sunny aspect, as it naturally tends to radiate out from them most of the time.

When we look at Jupiter conjunct Pluto in the birth chart, which is relatively common, it brings expansion and growth to our transformational power potentials, one of the best examples is Bill Gates, in the 2nd house of material resources, of course! But no slouches with Jupiter/Pluto conjunct are: Warren Buffet, Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi, Pablo Picasso, and Descartes.

The shadow side of this can manifest as a zealot like Jim Jones with the conjunction or a tyrant like Saddam Hussein with an exact Jupiter/Pluto opposition.

But we all get to experience transiting Jupiter/Pluto aspects when we feel empowered to take risks and make our mark on the world in our own unique way. And even though this transit only happens once in a twelve-year cycle, in hindsight we can see how Jupiter laid the foundation and put things in motion for our transformation.

This is true with all Jupiter transits, as they light up our life through the signs, houses and planets of our life and being--like a string of Christmas tree lights that can stay lit once ignited--with our conscious cooperation, of course.

When Jupiter Conjuncts Uranus (our higher intuitive mind), which is also quite common, some of the characteristics may include: Spontaneous strokes of genius, innovative ideas, aspiration, humanitarianism, generosity, eccentricity, rebelliousness and originality.
When the shadow side of this aspect comes out, it may be expressed as over-confidence, pomposity, over-impulsiveness, conceit and even fanaticism.

Some examples of those with this aspect include: my Winehouse, Steve Jobs, Nietzsche, Blavatsky, Gurdjieff and Wes Anderson.

When transiting Jupiter hits Uranus, the Universe gives us spontaneous downloads of brilliance and sudden windfalls, sometimes in disguise and not immediately apparent, but they're there! Remember Uranus is Cosmic Trickster energy.

When Jupiter conjuncts Love Planet Venus we find souls that are naturally benevolent, kind, sympathetic and generous. But with the shadow side of this most marvelous aspect--which can attract great wealth through charm and personal magnetism (which is also true with Sun/Jupiter and Sun/Venus aspects)--we may find over-extravagance, over-confidence, pomposity, over-ambition, laziness, conceit, vanity, self-indulgence and fanaticism (always possible when the darkest side of Jupiter is expressed.)

So, here we have the range from Mother Teresa to Ted Bundy. Remember, psychopaths and saints can literally have the same chart and aspects--it all depends on the level of conscious evolution!

Others with Jupiter/Venus conjunct are: Drew Barrymore, John Belushi, Jeff Bridges, Garth Brooks, Dick Cavett, Patty Duke, Don Johnson, Jerry Lewis, George Nader, Joe Namath, Paul Newman, Roman Polanski and Steven Spielberg.

The good news is that we all have transiting Jupiter activating our Venus by conjunction once every twelve years, bringing us a cornucopia of heart level abundance.

When I think about Jupiter/Mars (ruler of our physical vitality) conjunct the first thing that comes to mind is how many powerful healers I've personally known with this aspect. In fact, if I'm thinking of seeing some form of healer and have access to their birth chart, this is the aspect I'm looking for to confirm their healing capabilities. Edgar Cayce and Mother Teresa have this in their birth charts.

Some of the other characteristics are: Courageous, adventurous, generous, determined, ambitious and inspirational. The shadow may come out as: Stubborn, conceited, extravagant, destructive, cruel, violent and fanatical (there it is again!)

Some examples of Jupiter/Mars conjunct are: Stephen Arroyo, John F. Kennedy, Hugh Hefner, Winston Churchill, Krishnamurti, Angelina Jolie and Ray Charles.

And the trine: Elton John, Whitney Houston, Prince, Malcolm X, Adolf Hitler, Sean Penn, O.J Simpson, Donald Trump (why did I know he'd be on this list?:)), Ernest Hemingway and the Dalai Lama.

And some Sun Square Jupiter Celebrities: Martin Luther King, Nicholas Cage, Edith Piaf, George Lucas, Chris Rock, Ted Turner, Paramahansa Yogananda, Dane Rudhyar, Andy Warhol, Tiger Woods, Edgar Cayce and Hugh Grant.

Jupiter/Saturn conjunct--when Saturn, our karmic teacher,conjoins in a balanced way with expansive Jupiter, we get: Expansion, discipline, success, completion and wealth. Other characteristics are: Generosity, optimism, endurance, stability and humility.
And the shadow: Over-confidence, false humility, close-mindedness, envy, greed, fear, rigidity and fanaticism, of course, the type that wants to keep self and especially everyone else from having too good a time for too long--as â"it is not allowed."

Some celebs with Jupiter/Saturn are: John Lennon, Carl Lewis, Barack Obama, George Clooney, Eddie Murphy, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Tom Jones ,Natalie Portman, Richard Pryor and Bruce Lee.

Jupiter conjunct the Midheaven--usually means one has the potential to become famous through one's vocation, for good or ill: Martin Luther King, Johnny Depp, Michael Jackson, John Dillinger, Lee Harvey Oswald, Angelina Jolie, Al Pacino, Andy Warhol, Harrison Ford and Pope John Paul II.
And when we experience Jupiter at the MC by transit, we get the opportunity for that one year out of twelve to really shine through our vocations and public persona--so it's important to make the most of it!

When Jupiter conjuncts the South Node of our karmic past, we may have karmic delusions of greatness or that everything should come easy to us--as it many times does. A more detailed analysis is determined by the sign and house position to determine the karmic details.
And when Jupiter conjoins the North Node of our future destiny or karmic direction in this life, it means one is here to expand and grow through the development of the higher mind, philosophy of life, as well as one's heart qualities and spirituality.

If one has a retrograde Jupiter in the birth chart, it indicates karmic misuse of the energies of Jupiter in past lives--through overindulgence or denial and asceticism--or both.
When Jupiter goes direct by secondary progress, there is a karmic release of the full bounty of one's capacity for enjoyment of life in a more balanced way.

In summation, the position of Jupiter by sign in our birth charts reveals how we express our generosity and love of life. And while, in traditional astrology, Jupiter is exalted in the sign of Cancer, in its fall in the sign of Capricorn (opposite the sign of exaltation); and is in its signs of detriment in Gemini and Virgo (opposite the ruling signs of Sagittarius and Pisces)--in my opinion, whatever sign we have our Jupiter in has the potential to give us many blessings, as long as we don't over-indulge and get carried away by over-optimism or naivite from our shadow side.
So too, is the position of Jupiter by house an unerring guide to which areas of our lives will we innately benefit the most from these most positive energies.

In closing, I've always said that you don't need an astrology reading to feel the energies of the planets affecting you--just like we feel the full moon and eclipses, whether the sky is clear enough to see them or not. Therefore, whether we're consciously aware of it or not, the energies of Jupiter are always with us--supporting our enjoyment of life and our growth.
The best news--and perhaps the most important information to glean from this paean to Jupiter is that: We all have Jupiter RIGHT NOW transiting in some area of our life--shining its magnanimous light on all we survey. And knowing this, and feeling this, and owning this, opens the inner doors to infinite abundance pouring in to the degree of our capacity to graciously receive it.
And while some may partake more easily of the gifts of their Jupiter transits based on their natal predisposition, let's not forget that, no matter how challenging some Saturn and Pluto transits can be, if we're having some major Jupiter transits concurrently (like Jupiter on the ascendant or personal planet), I can predict that it bodes well for softening those rough transits, as Jupiter is always an ameliorating influence.

Remember: Infinite abundance means there's always enough to go around for everyone--all the time--on all levels.

I don't know about you, but I've been consciously working on cultivating more capacity and tolerance for pleasure, joy and bliss--three aspects of abundance--for many lifetimes. How about you?

I couldn't close without a brief karmic warning label on the potentials for misuse of the energies of Jupiter through excess, hubris and entitlement. If we don't utilize these most wondrous energies with gratitude for all the gifts of abundance given on so many levels, but instead are always greedy for more or different--we can be sure that at some point--in this incarnation or a future one--we will get the opportunity for a karmic do-ever with perhaps a little less easy access to Jupiter's wonders to help us get the lesson.

Author's Bio: 

JOAN PANCOE'S experience as a gifted trance channel, karmic astrologer and spiritual teacher in private practice in New York City since 1976 gives her a unique perspective in reading the soul's secrets and helping people remember and get on track with why they're here.

She is the creator of Psychic Therapy, a ten-session intensive that utilizes altered states to help release karmic blocks and experience and integrate the soul level of consciousness and beyond.

Joan appeared in 2012 in the new A&E/Biography channel documentary series, The UneXplained, demonstrating past-life regression therapy for healing karmic issues.

She is the author of Openings: A Guide to Psychic Living in the Real World and Cosmic Sugar: The Amorous Adventures of a Modern Mystic, under the pen name, Leela Jones.

In addition, Joan is a teacher of Tantric and Taoist energy arts and has had three solo shows of her art in New York City.

Visit Joan on the web at: http://JoanPancoe.com
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