Living with inflammation is otherwise known to some as challenging. The inability to do the things you have always done in the way you use to do them. The flexibility of your joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments develop a mind of their own. You can’t function any longer with ease. I’ll bet you have chalked it up to age.

I do not believe that we should accept that as normal.
How can you take back control of your life? Start by taking full responsibility for where your life is at this moment. Somehow you have arrived at this point of stiffness and inflexibility through your daily choices.

The food choices, lack of physical exercise, mental attitudes and even unforeseen accidents all seem to play a major role in the outcome you currently are in.
Take a moment to access yourself and decide to take control of your life and its outcome.

Start looking at your foods. If your weight is more than it should be adjust the amounts and types of food you consume. You don’t need a program. You could do something as simple as the grocery list for your particular blood type and cutting your consumption in half or use a smaller plate when eating meals. Cutting down calories will produce weight loss. Don’t forget to cut down the salt (sodium) consumption as well. Water retention and High Blood Pressure result from too high of an intake of sodium foods and raise acidity level.

How often do you exercise? You don’t need to join a gym if that is uncomfortable. You do need to move. I chose to get an at home WII fit. I work out every day with my little puffed up MII. We do Yoga, Kung fu, Balance, Step and mind games to keep me at more desirable cyber age. It also acknowledges every level I achieve. You can walk outdoors or jump rope, ride a bike or get out your skates and hula-hoops. Some form of movement and exercise to stretch those tight muscles helps on a daily basis. Thirty minutes can burn over 100 calories.

Become your own best friend. Get tapes and books that boost positive feelings and motivation. Learn to be good to yourself. Treat that reflection in the mirror the same way you support your family and friends. You need to see the best in yourself. When you see it, so do others.

Search out a Board Certified Anti-Aging and Functional Medicine Doctor. They understand that there are other factors involved with ailments and it is not just how old we are. It is more the age of our organs and that there are ways to care for them. Bio-Identical hormone replacement therapy is a fantastic use of medicine.

Helping to prevent the negatives of aging is a phenomenal achievement in Integrative Medicine. They can request blood work to check inflammation markers and utilize Saliva Testing to determine the adequacy of your hormone levels. These are areas that are not usually acknowledged by Traditional Doctors. You are never too old to achieve a better quality of life!

If you live in an area that has any type of Medical Spa Beds, they are wonderful heat and massage providers that usually include aromatherapy and pre-set programs for pain management or stress relief.

Take your important vitamins every day. Keeping up electrolytes, base minerals, Vit D3, Digestive help and Fish Oils are minimal. If you have a reliable Nutrition Consultant, they can offer more help for specific situations.

Become pro-active in this very vital long term relationship you have with yourself. You are important, loving and you have a lot to offer others. I suggest you start with yourself. You will never achieve that quality of life just sitting around.

Author's Bio: 

Marge Pickering-Picone has spent the last 30 years teaching and providing health directions to those wishing to obtain Optimum Anti-Aging help through natural methods. Professional Nutrition Services and now the Centre for Optimum Health offering Bio Identical Hormones and a Board Certified Anti-Aging MD. More info can be found at or by calling 585-787-4251