When people have allergies, aching joints, stiff hands, Rheumatoid Arthritis, these are all diagnosed conditions; and the underlying cause is inflammation. Chronic inflammation breaks down our body’s defense system and when that happens we end up with heart disease, diabetics, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and coronary artery disease. The disease that most people are searching for is Arthritis pain relief. The constant aches and pains in their body will grow into a chronic debilitating disease that will control their life, clouds the mind with depression in feeling there is no hope to live a pain free life. Believe me; it is possible to live pain free life.
The worst thing a person can do is treat their inflammation with over the counter drugs, or prescribed drugs. They do not treat the underlying cause. Most of these medicines have an adverse effect on the body and only make the condition worse.
The answer to all of these debilitating diseases is nutrition. Search for a doctor that will test your blood, and find an answer for you and direct your feet on a path to regain good health. You can regain the health lost to this debilitating disease by taking nutritious supplements, using herbs and eating foods in the most natural state. Read the labels when shopping, avoid the additives; many have ingredients as preservatives, high sugar, and white flour. Do your homework, healing will come and you will be pain free, a little at a time. Avoid the sugar, it clogs the system and pre- packaged foods should be out of the question. Some foods you eat will cause a flare up, but eventually you will know which foods agree with your body to stay pain free of Rheumatoid Arthritis.
Use arthritic herbal remedies such as basil, garlic, turmeric and coriander, to season your food instead of pouring on the salt. These herbs are antioxidants, and will greatly strengthen your anti-inflammatory diet. Extra virgin olive oil for cooking is another smart move toward good health. Your heart will thank you. Reduce your dairy intake; many people have allergies that cause inflammation, and they don’t even know it. Plenty of fruit, vegetables, as green leafy spinach and kale along with a variety of grains are needed in the diet to help restore good health and keep waste moving out of the body.
You were searching for help when you found this page, don’t give up; set your sights on a happy healthy New Year. I know it’s possible, I’m living pain free.

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I've been searching for natural remedies for 20 years and found cures for many diseases. My sister had cancer of the face and the chemo disfigured her to the point she would not leave the house.For two years she was housebound, except to go to the doctors. These were holes created by the chemtoherapy and painful weeping sores that did'nt heal. I decided to help and found a remedy within a short time and told her of the cure. She applied this to her face for one week and her sores began to heal and just a week later almost completely new skin had grown over the holes. Today, she is cured and grateful to live without pain and embarrassment. Also, my mother was cured of her painful arthritis she suffered with for 26 years with a simple natural remedy and no drugs. She is pain free for the last 15 years using this natural resource thats available to everyone. Good Health to You! Email me if you have any questions at kpjco28@yahoo.com I'm giving free ebook that will change your life! Go to arthritisstory.com and pick one up "Two Months to Live" It's Free!