The hot tub has innumerable benefits if you think about it. Relaxing, bonding with your family, setting a romantic ambiance, therapeutic, rehabilitating, and overall improved life quality can be achieved with a hot tub.

But since you have come to know the two types of hot tub, inflatable and above-ground, you might be wondering which one is better for you. Knowing the differences and uses of both individually will definitely help you in choosing.

Which One to Buy?

Question yourself, not this, but which one you want to buy? Are you planning to buy the best inflatable hot tub? Or a jacuzzi or whirlpool, more commonly known as above-ground hot tubs are more your style?

They both can be worth the money because of their individual differences, but the core of their jobs remains almost the same. It’s the style that makes all the difference.

Even if you are not that familiar with hot tubs, chances are you’ve used or at least heard about jacuzzi. Let’s get familiar with this very elegant sounding above ground hot tub. The name comes from an Italian brand that is famous for making ‘whirlpool baths’ in their hot tubs.

Nowadays almost every provider has this whirlpool effect in their hot tubs, so jacuzzi has become synonymous with this type of above ground hot tubs, regardless of the brand.

On the other hand, inflatable hot tubs are very easy to use and easy to install hot tubs that can be used anywhere around the house. This one doesn’t have those automatic whirlpools like the above ground hot tubs, but it has its own thing, air bubble jets that acts as your own personal massage therapist. So inflatable hot tubs are great if you want a therapeutic hot tub at a cheap price.

What are the Differences?

There are many differences between the above ground hot tub and the inflatable ones, mostly in their appendages. For example, water jets are something almost unique to the above ground hot tubs, not all inflatable ones have water jets. But fret not, inflatable has their own unique thing, the air bubbles. Air bubbles are generated in inflatable hot tubs to use as hydrotherapy.

There are built-in seats in the above-ground hot tubs, but the inflatable ones are usually giant, round hot tubs with no individual seats. While seats can be a great thing, especially in conjunction with the water jets on the above ground hot tube that targets individual muscle groups, and also lets you comfortably lie down; it makes the hot tub a little less roomy and more compact. The inflatable, on the other hand, you can lie down however you want and enjoy the experience in your preferred position.

Inflatable hot tubs can’t operate properly at low temperatures, it stops working at temperatures below 40 degree Celsius, so the places you can use it are limited. Whereas above ground hot tubs can operate in very cold temperatures, making it great for high-altitude settings, hotels, and spas made in colder areas.

The low-cost therapy of Inflatables

Let’s be real here, above ground hot tubs or jacuzzi can easily break your bank, they are that much expensive. That’s why you probably won’t see them outside of a hotel establishment or guest house.

Inflatables are the low-cost therapeutic options, where you can get bubble hot water for your aching muscles, all year long service at your own pace, without burning a hole through your pocket.

The low-cost isn’t the only reason. The inflatables are portable, comfortable, easily installs and you can plugin in any standard power socket. Basically, it’s the most convenient home therapy option you can ever get. It does not need plumbing, electric work, or any professionals to set it up for you.


If you are looking for an affordable and flexible hot tub that you can use anytime you want, inflatables are the way to go. If you have both the budget and the place to install an above-ground hot tub, that’s an available option also. Whatever you buy, it will make your experience and quality of life a whole lot better than before. So pick the best one that suits you and just buy it!

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Md Rasel is a professional blogger.