Any scroll through home renovation blogs and websites these days is bound to mention hot tubs (especially the portable kind) at some point. However, the portable type is a relatively new invention and it makes most people ask the question: Are inflatable hot tubs worth it? Keep reading to find out the pros and cons of inflatable hot tubs, so you can decide whether it is a worthy investment for your home.

Pro: Easy Installation and Portability

The most significant difference between traditional hot tubs and inflatable ones is the ease with which they can be installed. Anyone with a mechanical pump (sometimes provided with your purchase) can simply inflate the tub, fill it with water and turn on the jets. This means no dealing with construction crews and no waiting for the project to be completed. Additionally, the easy inflation/deflation procedure makes it easy to carry the hot tub from one place to another, such as when moving to a new home or for a vacation. You can also deflate it and store it when not in use.

Con: Fewer Features When Compared To Fixed Hot Tubs

Although many high-end inflatable hot tubs come with a slew of desirable features, they inevitably fade in comparison to the features found in most fixed hot tubs. Especially when comparing between the jet power of the two types, inflatable hot tubs come out to be the relatively weaker choice. Because they are made out of more flexible material, the jets are inherently less powerful than those found in traditional hot tubs. The same holds true for the temperatures, because the material of inflatable hot tubs cannot withstand the same heat as the panels of fixed hot tubs. This may not make a difference for those who prefer to soak in warm water, but may be a deal breaker for people who prefer extremely high temperatures.

Arguable Difference: Inflated Panels and Comfort

Some people argue that inflated panels are more comfortable and relaxing to lay in, and thus prefer the use of inflatable hot tubs. Others prefer the contoured shape of hard panels in a fixed hot tub like the infamous Jacuzzi. Because this is an entirely subjective point, it cannot be considered inherently a pro or a con - it all depends on the preferences and needs of the person using the hot tub.

Conclusion: Should You Get An Inflatable Hot Tub?

If you’re in the market for getting a hot tub, it doesn’t hurt to check out the options that are available to you. The best option may be a high-end inflatable hot tub, which may cost you as much as a cheaper (lower-quality) fixed hot tub. Everyone has different needs, so the decision is ultimately yours, but do not dismiss inflatable hot tubs simply because you think they are the inferior product because they have advanced significantly since their introduction. Many models can last for years, making the investment more worthwhile than you’d typically expect from something that is portable.

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