Passed down from the age to age as well as generation to generation, Thailand’s traditional sports are an essential thing in the field of Thailand’s cultural heritage. The games have a great influence on their daily and national life. It is no doubt that a fine bonding that has bound the Thai people together through the ages. The weather in Thailand is very great. Thailand has different geography. Not only that, there is also a broad area or range of sports that anybody can enjoy in there from water sports to mountain biking.

Soccer In Thailand
The most famous traditional sport is Thailand soccer indeed. It’s usually practiced by the Thai dwellers on one of the soccer field. It’s a very popular sport. Many TV in restaurants telecasts the matches. Not only that, one can get the update or the result of Thailand Soccer NewsThailand Soccer News by the website.The Thai people know everything about European soccer teams and players, though Thailand has own league.

Muay Thai boxing
Thailand’s most famous is Thai boxing. The most famous boxing format is Muay Thai. It is also known as the Art of Eight Limbs as well. A lot of Thai boxers are presently performing in the national and international events.
Whatever, if you visit Thailand, you will definitely discover many more sports there. You will observe a wide range of famous sports rituals in Thailand. These games are often practiced in the park, sport center as well as at the seacoast.

You will be surprised to know that, the golfing is more popular in Thailand, Japan and Ireland. Under the comfortable and suitable weather or condition, it’s surely possible to perform and practice the sports through whole the year in Thailand.

Sepak Takraw
Takraw is a national sport in Thailand. People play this game everywhere even in the streets of Thailand. Takraw is quite similar to volleyball. The main interesting thing is, the player can not use the hand here, they are only allowed to touch the ball with chest, feet, head and knees.
Sepak Takraw is taken as a junction between Thailand and Malaysia. Takraw requires technique, skill, and consistency with players. This sport is now a constant game in the Asian and Southeast Asian Games.

Makruk known as Thai Chess, is the board game. It is similar to standard game of chess. Makruk is more strategic than the traditional chess. The ultimate target of Makruk is like the chess, is to checkmate the king and trap the king.

Sword & Pole Fighting
This is a format of martial art. It once formed part of the medieval military training. The contestants have to perform a 'Wai Khru' rite with the musical accompaniment before fights. A huge excitement comes from the clashing of weapons along with the music.

Boat Racing
Kaeng Ruer was founded in Thailand during the time of Ayutthaya period. It has managed to maintain its popularity even till today. There is no historical proof about its origin. The boat races are usually held from September to November. It is usually celebrated at the end of the rainy season indeed. The boats are made from hardwood. Each of the boats is manned by a team of eight and ten oarsmen and a helmsman. They also hold the different colored cloth tied to the boat.

Water sports
The seacoast in the Southern area is much popular for water sports such as scuba diving, windsurfing or kite boarding near the white and sandy beach. Other popular sports are deep-sea fishing, different boat races and kite-fighting.

Thai sport is the most important part of Thai culture. Here the news media also play a important role on this field. These news agency highlights all the news regarding the sport. People can get all the update through Soccer Prediction Today. These sports have been passed on from different generations. Sport activities of Thailand blend well into their agricultural life also. It is certainly another format of relationship enhancement through cultivating as well as the harvesting season or time. Sports in Thailnd are also a source of entertainment which occurs during the religious and royal festivals. Thai sport reflects the Thais' way of life and their intellectual subtlety. The sport news media is a bond that has bound the Thai people through a long past until today

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