It may sound like a magic trick, but the use of subliminal images is an exercise that influences everyone's subconscious part of the brain. The meaning of the word can be derived from its Latin origin meaning below the threshold point of the brain. The images that are reflected in the sub conscious will never be obvious for the conscious. Most of us will bypass these images, sighting no kind of sensible imagery for the brain. The business world has tapped into this kind of images to get the right crowd to follow their product. Subliminal images have been used for a long time now, and more companies around the world are still using them.

Whether the intention can be judged as good or bad, the subliminal images are the biggest influences for many people who buy most of the products from the stores. In fact, when one of the carbonated beverage begun placing its advert on the dressings that famous actors and actresses were wearing in the 1950s, the company recorded an increase in the sales from then on. This is just an example of the amount of influence subliminal images have towards people's decisions. Many wanted to get that soda from then on, and their reasons are not necessarily clear-cut. With the rise of advanced technology, the influence of these images has also increased. Software has been developed and new ways of getting images that stick in the sub conscious are being discovered.

The images are never easy to spot at a glance. It would take a long time and effort to ponder upon the images, some of which look abstract, in order to pick out the true value of the image. Not only does this affect the advertising sector, but the idea has also spilled out into the political scene. The politicians have learnt to use imagery to influence the people. They have certain symbols that look common to the human eye, but with time, may be given certain twists that bring a certain affiliation to the party. Such is the case for the national flag of a country. As it is being designed, there are certain in-bound feelings that will arise after associating a person with his country's flag.

An experiment carried out in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict was conducted to judge the attitudes that some of the Israeli rebels had after seeing the Israeli flag on a monitor. Among all the people who were put under test, half of them were seen to have been influenced. This implied that the flag had already given some amount of influence on half of the people being monitored.

The practice is generally used for large masses. It is the reason why large banners and posters have particularly bold colors used in campaign rallies all over the world. Some countries have even sighted disadvantages of excessive advertising and use of subliminal images to a point that they have drawn policies against too much advertising. This way, the mind is left to think about its own and allowed to make judgments without prior influence.

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