Self-esteem is all about the language you use to describe yourself. How you communicate with yourself will directly manifest itself in your behaviour and social skills. In turn this has a massive impact on your ability to influence other people.

Being in control of your self-esteem is therefore crucial to living the life that you want. By building your own self-esteem you can develop a positive concept about yourself to live and happy and product lifestyle.

Your parents were likely to be the first people you looked up as a child to give you your initial feeling of self-worth. Just imagine that as parent you were able to build your child’s confidence from the outset. It would be like a lifetime present of happiness for them.

Wouldn’t it be good if your child had high self-esteem and were able to act and achieve tasks independently from you at a young age. They would become excellent decisions makers from youth. Making decisions, and enjoying doing it, is a common trait of highly successful people in the world. It’s a skill worth practising.

But let’s flip reserve the situation. What if your child grows up with a poor self-image? They feel unloved by you as a parent. They get into the habit of always blaming other people instead of taking responsibility. As they start to look for new role models they could fall into the wrong crowd and pick up bad traits in an attempt to be someone else. Ultimately this leads to frustration as they feel misunderstand and lack direction to what they truly desire in life.

You can now see how communicating with yourself in the way you want those around you to do so is truly the best way to influence though self-esteem levels.

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