Towards Sustainable Healthcare Ecosystem
If we look back to previous conditions of the healthcare industry, we can recognize how businesses and leaders in healthcare have opened doors to broader opportunities and made healthcare services more accessible and affordable. The technology-led innovations, shift towards wellness, adoption of virtual care options, less painful and time-consuming treatments are some of the results through which we can analyze how far the healthcare ecosystem has come.
Healthcare sector is on the verge of getting wholly transformed. It is taking huge leaps to create a customer-centric models and change the current status quo of the industry. With the advent of evolving technologies such as AI, big data, and more, healthcare service providers are able to provide improved solutions and make people aware of the diseases and their treatments. It has all become possible due to some influential leaders in the industry who are shaping the future of care and establishing a sustainable healthcare ecosystem.
These leaders have overcome all the complex challenges of the industry and brought a noteworthy change in the healthcare arena.
With an intent to acknowledge and admire these passionate leaders in healthcare, CIO Look has enlisted “Influential Leaders in Healthcare 2019”. These leaders with their clinical skills, business competencies, and technical know-how, are taking healthcare to the next level.
An avid leader, Karim Smaira, the Co-founder and CEO of Genpharm features as the cover of this edition. In an interview with CIO Look, Karim emphasizes on the contribution made by him and the Co-founder, Kamel Ghammachi, in the evolution the pharmaceutical sector in the Middle East region of the health-care sector. His unique ideologies and a vision to serve people made him achieve many milestones en route to success. Being Co-founder and CEO of Genpharm, Karim has portrayed many impeccable leadership traits whilst taking the company to stature heights.
Additionally, this edition also features Garry Neale, the Managing Director of Procura Software, as Leader of the Year. Garry believes that ‘integrity’ is the hallmark of a successful leader, and this is at the heart of everything Procura does; whether it is being open and frank in communication with clients about both good news and bad, or internally with staff, leadership and shareholders.
Let’s unveil such alike, inspiring stories and interviews of many such passionate leaders in this special edition and spread a word about their contribution in making this world a better place. Also, while flipping the pages, don’t forget to go through the articles and CXOs written by our in-house editorial team and industry experts respectively.
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