We are all Information Internet Marketers to one degree or another, wouldn't you agree with that statement?

I mean we are social media marketers, video marketers, ebook marketers, bloggers, tweeters and so forth, all trying to hear messages and have our messages heard.

With so many of us out there, all trying to be heard to one degree or another but few of us ever get to be center stage,.. You know, where you really have their attention!

So how do you get center stage? How do you capture the attention of your audience? Well I'm about to reveal to you some information internet marketing tips that make a difference...

I am a strong believer in learning the basics, and doing them really well, then and only then adventure out into other areas that can be considered beyond your basics, regardless to what basic this or that I could be referring to.

In this situation, I'm talking about some Internet Marketing Basics (not all of them, but some that will make a difference!)

Many of you have blogs, websites, online stores, write articles, blurb, tweet, make videos, pin and so forth, all requiring each to master a basic skill. Can you guess what it is? No worries, I'll tell you what it is... It's BASIC SEO.

Yes that is right, at the core of all Internet Marketing is basic seo and what do I mean by that. First let's define "basic seo" for the purposes of this article and simplicity.

Basic SEO (or Basic Search Engine Optimization) is the act of arranging your online communications (all forms) to a degree that's most optimised for the search engines.

Basic SEO (or basic search engine optimization) is learning how the Search Engines use keywords (who themselves get most of their ideas from us on how to use the keywords, (after all, it's us (you and me) who is doing the searching (typing in the search terms) right?) and apply that knowledge to how we use keywords.

So now, it's the search engine's job to return to us the most relavent search results, agreed right?
[*These internet marketing information tips are proven to work!]

Well TIP #1 For this article would be to learn some basic seo and why, because we are all using basic seo to communicate Internet Marketing Messages to one another (whether be it an article, ebook, video, blog post, pod cast or what have you) and the one who uses this most basic and fundamental of Internet Lingo the best, is the one most likely to be at center stage (hogging your spotlight :-)

Now some of you might frown at the idea of SEO but HOLD ON! You are already doing it everyday, it is the language of the Internet... All I'm suggesting is you do this basic thing well, to help seperate yourself from the crowd. Heck I could teach most folks how to do basic seo really well in a single day, It's That Easy!

TIP#2 Take Your Basic SEO, That You're Now Doing Really Well and Apply It To The Rest Of Your Internet Marketing! Remember we're all Internet Marketers, so apply it to your blogging, writting, videos, pins, pictures, tweets, stories, books, news bytes, pods, advertising, and so forth... So that it can be YOU, who's the one standing center stage!

Tip#3 And Now that you have their attention (because you did basic seo) and standing in the spotlight (because you did basic seo, really well!), you now tell them where you have this fabulous free gift you'd like to give them (for watching you stand in the spotlight) and where they can pick it up at for free (how they can access it).

Idealy now then, you have just captured a lead and or introduced someone into your sales funnel... Isn't Life Grand!

And it all started with "Information Internet Marketing Tips That Make A Difference!"

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