Now what many people in Information Marketing suspect this year is official: the explosion in sales of e-books. In fact, they are 3 times higher in the first 6 months of 2012 compared to the same period in 2011. The figures released by the Publishers Association put the figures at £ 64 million ($ 104 million) compared to £ 24 million ( $ 37 million)) This is an impressive statistic, you can agree with me.

So what is information marketing? In basic terms, it's the knowledge package or some creative work, like a story in digital format - it could be a book in a portable document format (PDF) known as an eBook, or some other work on a CD or DVD layout. This is the informational side of the equation. The commercial side of the equation also falls on the authors' laps - this can be a blessing or a curse to the creator. Information marketing is also known as desktop publishing.

There is a little revolution in publishing right now. This desktop publishing move gives the author complete control of how, where, and at what price to sell their work - the greater the marketing effort, the greater the potential financial rewards.

I keep going back to the same point: In the current Internet revolution, which is growing rapidly but still has a long way to go, we all have the potential to sell something, because in this vast global market you will find a willing buyer. In other words, the world is becoming a great MLM site where anyone with access to an online computer can be a seller and a buyer as well.

The Internet is a great leveler: the provider and consumers of information are carrying out a great exercise in democracy. It is now recommended and easy to share your experiences and knowledge on the Internet; likewise, consumers have the power to love or reject it. But the important thing is to get your information to as many people as possible. In other words, promote your work well.

Producing and marketing digital products can be a potentially very lucrative proposition that has been proven with many successful vendors. So the fact that I am writing about information marketing in this article is to suggest that it can be an excellent source of income online.

In my opinion, there are mainly two types of people who delve into information marketing: therefore, for those people involved in the production of e-books, they are interested in telling a story well and those who are brilliant marketers. The latter have seen a great need to go out and distribute the information in digital format and are reaping abundant rewards. Some are good at both, and tend to end up at the top of the MLM stack.

Why is there so much thirst for information in digital format? In my opinion, for three simple reasons I will call the three Cs: convenience, cost, and integrity. Convenience because digital products are really easy to download; they are substantially cheaper because they normally do not involve any shipping; and integrity because the information has been gathered to solve a particular problem. The third point is also important for this reason: Due to limitations in current search technology, it is not normal to find a solution to a problem you have looking at a single search result; or maybe even two or more. However, you will most likely find the solution in an ebook that has been written on that topic. Furthermore, the author has also written about his real life experience with the problem he may have and how it was resolved.

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Now what many people in Information Marketing suspect this year is official: the explosion in sales of e-books. In fact,