A lot of people are very health conscious these days . They like to keep track of things such as what they eat, what they wear, how much they exercise and they try to shy away from carbonated drinks and colas . God forbid if someday they drink a glass of cola which can contain up to 200 calories per glass and what that boils down to is about 20 minutes on a treadmill. Instead of drinking cola, many choose to drink alcohol being completely unaware that it too is loaded with calories just like most fatty foods.

There are absolutely no nutritional values associated with drinking alcohol and you may know it as empty calories. When you choose to drink alcohol, you are putting your fitness at risk and it also hurts your health in many other ways.

A single bottle of beer can contain up to 153 calories which are only carbohydrates and sugar and they can both cause people to gain weight. Most people have heard how they should stay away from carbs and sugar. Beer like colas also feeds on carbonation and that adds to the problem because what this does is make you feel that no matter how much you have drank, you have not had enough and you will always want more. If you are one of those avid beer drinkers who consume at least a pitcher or 5 pints a week, you are consuming over 40,000 calories a year and that is equal to eating a doughnut every other day.

Drinking wine is also not good for you even though some wines have anti oxidant properties . One small glass can contain up to 200 calories and we know that in most cases, we end up drinking more then one small glass because one never seems to be enough. The calories in one glass equals those found in a bag of potato chips . Two large glasses of wine contain about 1/5 of the daily calorie intake that is recommended for most women.

Mixed drinks are another that are not beneficial for you. Whether it be rum and coke, vodka and lime juice, or gin and orange juice. The problem is that the alcohol itself contains around 60 calories per peg, but when it is mixed, the extra calories are poured on. Again, you never feel full when you are drinking these drinks and they can also contain up to 200 calories per glass depending on what they are mixed with.

There are also other dangers associated with drinking alcohol such as it induces hunger and reduces the number of fat calories that you burn. When you drink alcohol, it is not stored as fat and it turns into a substance that is known as acetate. This acetate makes it harder for a person to burn fat and this is what gives you energy.

It is not a good idea to drink before you have a meal because this can help in adding on the pounds because it will make you feel like you are hungrier and cause you to eat more than you would normally eat.

If you choose to have a few drinks now and then, it may slow down your weight loss plans, but it will not end them. Drinking alcohol can reduce testosterone in the body for some men and make it difficult for them to gain muscle, so the next time that you are considering having a drink , you might want to, “ Think Before You Drink.”

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