Pruning is a very well-known procedure when it comes to the maintenance of trees. Even though trees in the forests grow very well on their own without the need for pruning by humans, the same thing cannot be said of landscape trees concerning tree trimming Austin.

The latter need an advanced level of care so that the structure and beauty can be maintained. Pruning of a tree cannot be done by just anyone; it has to be done by professionals who have sufficient knowledge of tree biology. This is a very important point because pruning a tree wrongly can damage or even kill it.

Reasons for Tree Pruning

There are several reasons for pruning tree trimming Austin. As each cut can transform the overall growth of the tree itself, no single branch should be removed without a tangible reason. Some of the most cited reasons for pruning a tree include the removal of branches that are dead, improvement of the shape, or even to reduce risk to animals, humans, or even the tree itself.

It is also possible to prune trees to increase the penetration of air and light to the interior of the crown of the tree or the landscape towards the base of the tree. In many instances, pruning of mature trees is carried out as part of preventive or even corrective measures. This is because frequent pruning has not been shown to have any significant impact on the overall health of the tree. So, the pruning has to be well planned by the experts.

Time of Pruning

  There is no fixed period for pruning as it can be done at any time of the year. In most cases, regular pruning is done as a way to get rid of weak, dead, or infected tree limbs so it can be carried out at any time. Professionals also say that the growth and closure of wounds are increased optimally if the pruning is timed to occur before the growth flush is seen in spring.

 There are some trees infections like oak wilt that can spread if there are pruning wounds that expose the microorganisms that caused the disease. Susceptible trees should not be made to undergo tree trimming Austin TX when it is apparent that they are in the active phase of transmission.

Methods of Pruning

There are several techniques of tree trimming Austin TX that are deployed when it comes to the pruning of trees. Some methods are used when it becomes necessary to ensure that the health status of a good tree remains in place. A technique called cleaning involves getting rid of dead, weak, infected, and diseased branches from a tree’s crown.

 There is another one known as thinning and this one is the selective removal of branches to improve the structure of the tree or increase the penetration of air and light via the tree crown. If thinning is done well, the foliage of the tree can be opened with will improve the tree’s structure.


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