Ingress Prime was released in October 2018.

Agents will begin receiving invites in the first phase of the Ingress Prime beta in late July - early August.
It is difficult to compare Ingress Prime and Ingress 1.x, as they are completely different. Ingress Prime made many improvements that should improve the quality of the product.

Niantic does not include agent ideas in existing versions of Ingress, no matter how good or easy to implement, since they are all postponed until the release of Ingress Prime, since there is no point in writing new features for the old version of the program, knowing that they will still have to be rewritten for new version.
In response to the outrage that there have been no improvements for three years in Ingress, the Circle responds that since 2015 new items have been added to Ingress: beacons, frackers (with the ability to buy them), Lawson and compasses cubes, transmuters etc., and offers to wait for Ingress Prime and see for yourself what new features will be there. Users would like to see new things in the game, and so on. As for now, you can buy ingress items, at the Ingress Prime shop -

What you can find here?

1) Glyph Boosting
2) Aegis Shield's
3) Jarvis Pack and etc.

Ingress Shop is the place where you will probably be interested, primarily as an experienced player.

Ingress Prime will not be able to update the mod, although it is discussed.
When launching Ingress Prime, there will be no new medals.
In Ingress Prime, according to the Circle, the animation of creating fields and links happens so quickly that there is no need to add the option to skip it.

Niantic considered the possibility of introducing a prestige system for Ingress for agents who would like to start pumping an account from scratch again instead of taking the conditional 17th level (prestige system refers to additional features, for example, in Ingress one of these possibilities can be +500 units XM to scale). The circle believes that this is an interesting idea, but does not know what state it is in and what its priority is, taking into account the work on Prime and the anime.

Also, you can buy ingress accounts, If you do not have time to pump it. But, here it is worth being careful, and buying such things only from verified places, for example in ingress shop which we described above.

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