While there are some people who experience inner conflict from time to time, there are others who experience it far more often. As a result of this, they could find that it is a challenge for them to move forward in life.

Whereas if one experienced this from time to time, they may find that it is still possible for them to make progress. In fact, it could be said that it is a normal part of life to experience conflict from time to time.


For example, nowadays there are so many things for one to choose from, and this can relate to just about every are of their life. If one was to go shopping for food, they are likely to see that there are so many options available.

Or if they were going through a period in their life where they wanted to embark on a new career, they could soon find that there are plenty of things for them to do. This can also be the case if they were to engage in online dating; with their being hundreds of people to get in contact with.

The Modern Day World

What these examples show is how different today’s world is. On one hand, one has far more things to choose from than their ancestors ever did, but on the other hand, this has also made their life far more complex than it was before.

One is then going to need to use more energy when it comes to deciding what they want or what path they want to take in life. So during the time when they are making a decision, it is going to be normal for them to experience conflict.


Along with this, one is also likely to experience conflict in their relationships, and while this could be over something significant, it could be over something fairly trivial. For instance, one may want to eat Mexican food and their friend might want to eat Italian food.

But if both of them are really hungry, it might not be long until a decision has been made. And regardless of where they decide to eat, it is unlikely to have any lasting effects on the relationship.


A more serious example would be if one was in a relationship with someone who wanted to have children and they were unsure as to whether they were ready. What could add even more pressure is if the person who wanted children was a woman, as they could be in a position where it wasn’t possible for them to wait much longer.

Yet it could also be a man and he could also be in a position where he is at a point in his life where he has the energy to have children. And if he was to wait any longer, he may feel as though this wouldn’t be the case.


If one had the need to lose weight or to eat healthier, they may find it hard to cut down or to eat the right foods. In this case, part of them may want to do what they usually do and another part will want them to do something different.

Not only can the part of them that wants them to carry on as usual make it harder; they can also find that there are plenty of external factors that make it harder for them to stay on track. What this comes down to is that the western world is full of foods that are far from healthy and even though they may want to stick to their diet, it can be hard when they are surrounded by so much junk food, for instance.

Another Experience

However, when one is unable to make progress in their life due to experiencing inner conflict on a consistent basis, they could be all too familiar with some of the examples above. They could find that there life doesn’t change and that no matter how much they want it to change, it doesn’t happen.

This could make them believe that something within them doesn’t want them to grow, and even though this is causing them to suffer, it is not possible for them to do anything about it. But if they were not aware of what is taking place within them, it would be easy for them to believe that other people are holding them back.

A Deeper Look

If one was to take the time to reflect on what is taking place, they may find that while part of them wants to move forward another part of them wants to hold on. Their body may be the part that wants to move forward and their heart could be the part that doesn’t.

In this case, it could be a sign that they are carrying a lot of pain in their chest and if they were to move forward, this pain would come to the surface. So through sabotaging their life, it stops this pain from being released.

Trapped Grief

When one experiences loss and this can relate to the loss of a loved one or the end of a relationship, they are likely to experience grief. Now, if one was to take the time to grieve and to work through their pain, it wouldn’t need to end up being trapped within their chest and body.

However, if they are unable to do this and they end up disconnecting from how they feel, it can end up being trapped in their body. And then as time passes, this part of them is going to create conflict.


Their need to protect their heart and to stop this pain from coming to the surface can end up being stronger than their need to move forward. But unless they are aware of what is taking place, it can be normal for them to feel angry, frustrated and even hopeless.

Once they realise what is taking place, it might be easier for them to be compassionate towards themselves. It is then not that this part of them is trying to hold them back; it is simply doing what it can do to protect them.


One way to release this grief will be to cry it out and this is something that can take time. If one is unable to do this by themselves, they may need the assistance of a therapist and/or a support group.

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