On any given day and at any given moment there are as many reasons to feel peaceful, to choose inner peace and to pass it on as there are to feel annoyed, threatened, angry, frustrated and to pass that on.
It is a choice.
Pass on the peace or pass on the crap. Feel the peace within or roll around in all your angst.
It is a choice.
If you think that inner peace is something worth going after then make it a point to get in touch with who you are. Turn your attention inward and start to create your own Inner Sanctum, your sacred place of inner peace.
Understandably, you might be thinking that’s easier said than done, that inner peace is ephemeral, fleeting and elusive. But, there are steps you can take and practices you can incorporate into your everyday life that will help you get there, step by step. Yes, it’s a journey and one that you will appreciate taking in the long run.
If you’ve ever imagined what it would be like for you to have the inner strength and stability to handle whatever life throws your way then you’ve imagined inner peace. If you can imagine it, you can achieve it.
Some steps to inner peace:
Think and act deliberately, with purpose, standing in the present moment rather than basing your thoughts and actions on past experiences.
Relish each moment and infuse your day with joy.
Set an intention to release your desire to judge others.
Set an intention to release your desire to judge and criticize yourself.
Set an intention walk diffuse potential conflict.
Set an intention to let the actions of others flow past you without trying to interpret them.
Set an intention to release the desire to worry.
Take time every day, as often as possible, to look for all that you appreciate in life.
Take time to connect with nature and the people in your life, experience the joy of these connections.
Allow life to unfold, no resistance, no manipulation needed.
Be open to receive all the kindness that is offered to you and notice the incredible urge you will have to reciprocate.
.Smile until you feel it in your heart
Make the choice. Start your journey today. Tell a friend and start the journey together. When will you begin? Make a commitment and share it in the comments. Click here to make your commitment.
P.S. The Dalai Lama, Tanzin Qyotso, has said that to achieve peace in our world we must cultivate inner peace. That’s something to take seriously. Make the choice. Make the commitment. Do it today.

Author's Bio: 

Gia Cilento is a Life Coach, Speaker, Writer and Healer. She combines her training as a Massage Therapist and Reiki Master with her business, marketing and writing background to create articles, blogs meditations and programs that inspire, uplift and heal. Her life’s passion is helping people find inner peace through nurturing the Inner Sanctum – their sacred, inner well of healing energy. Gia is available for individual and group coaching, speaking engagements, distance Reiki/healing sessions and freelance writing projects.