I heard a phrase in the 80s that related to computer programming. The phrase was presented in the acronym form as G.I.G.O. – or in the longer form as ‘Garbage In Garbage Out’. Over the years, as I have become more involved with computers and equally involved with the improvement of myself and the outer reality of my circumstances, I am amazed no longer in how remarkably similar a man is to a computer. It is no wonder; as man is the God of the computer – the creator.

Coincidentally, in the 80s I began to study the Bible, searching for truth. Over the ensuing decades I have discovered more untruths than truths contained therein, yet the truths that I have tested – for even the Scripture says – ‘we are to test all things’ – have tested true.

The one that I have found to be the truest is the proverb “As a man thinketh, so he is.” Experience has shown that a long version is in order and the phrase “and shall become” should be added to it, for it is most true indeed!

Late last year I became very conscious of an inner disturbance that was affecting my attitude towards others and to life in general. I began to take an account of my thoughts and the life or energy I was giving them, or feeding into those thoughts. It came as a slowly unfolding epiphany that what I was putting into myself was the direct cause of the disturbances, for they were I discovered – as I examined my thoughts diligently, more than one.

The disturbances were on a psychic level, some would say spiritual, as they did affect my inner peace both mentally and emotionally, and in reaping what was being sown, also tampering with my physical well-being.

As I became more aware I realized they were also impinging upon my outer circumstances and how I perceived the external world and those to whom I related that were in it and around me, as I carried out my daily affairs. My conditioned responses were negative, so I turned on my radar and began looking for the causes that were incoming like missiles from the enemy in wartime.

At first my radar was weak, but with practice and focus the signal gained strength and I began to see clearly the incoming negatives that were feeding the inner disturbances. To my psychic shock and sad surprise this discovery revealed two distinct causes. The first was in my home and under my control. The second in my work environment, and not it seemed, in any way under my control. The first may surprise you too, and you may find it hard to deal with as it is such a strong addiction to us all. It is television!

My wife and I were big cable TV watchers, and of course we had to have our regular and multiple doses of news, current events, and commentary, or we would not be able to converse with others and be relevant, or so we thought. It was during these events that my radar would kick in and the words “Incoming!” would flash red alarms on my inner psychic radar screen. After a week or two of constant flashing and ever-increasing alarm bells going off in my head I finally came to the conclusion that it was time for a human sacrifice. In fact lots of them. It was glaringly obvious which humans would have to be sacrificed first. Sorry, guys and gals – time to die. The negative talking heads on TV would have to go!

So, I had a long talk with my wife about it and we decided to cut the cable off, which we did immediately. This left a vacuum of connectivity and inactivity, and as you know ‘nothing’ exists in a vacuum. Withdrawals kicked in and I decided I would have to find something to replace it. Luckily my search led me to the science of positive thinking and various books and audio recordings from the genre. It was the perfect replacement. After a couple of weeks I no longer missed the cable TV, the negative talking heads, and all the advertising that relentlessly sold an assortment of addictions designed to sooth the anxiety the talking heads on the tube were creating, advertising which surrounded them like flies around the carcass.

This was the salvation of my inner vision and the prime cause of the changes that began to unfold throughout my inner and outer reality. In time I slowly gained an inner strength to change my habits of thinking. I now closely guard what I allow to come into my mind.

It seemed that as I let the fruit of negativity die, the tree of negativity began to die also, and now the root has withered. A new growth of positive thinking is taking its place in the newly broken ground and the fruit of this new growth is sweet to the soul.

It has given me enough strength to deal with the negative work environment and to my surprise a defense shield has been added to that super-sensitive radar I developed. I now watch closely what I allow others to sow into my mind. And as far as they will allow me I sow back into their minds only positive seeds – hoping they will break up their own fallow ground, that those seeds may germinate, take root, and bear sweet fruit.

Peace is invaluable, but sometimes it comes at a cost. Sometimes you have to go to war, and make a sacrifice to lay hold of it. Try severing a few talking heads, turn off the babble box, and make a human sacrifice – sacrifice your addiction to negative incoming mind manipulating missiles – and find your own positive and peaceful sanctuary - for your soul’s sake.

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Harry Connor Jr is a marketing guy in Print and TV Commercial Production in general business and real estate, who loves the internet. For more information on what Harry is up to go here http://www.biz-zoom.com/ and http://www.taxdeedtreasures.com/