“She is driving me crazy, I’m dying here! What the heck did I do to you now?!” Ronnie is just so frustrated and feels like going bald about her girlfriend Angel. “One time she’s as sweet as an angel and suddenly without warning she’s into her bitch mode!” What you did may be unintentional, so stop pulling what’s left of your hair.

And for whatever its worth, you are not alone in this dilemma. Majority of boyfriends out there complain that they just don’t get their girlfriends. I sympathize with you guys, so to shed some light and prevent further misunderstandings on your relationship and confusion on your part, here are the innocent mistakes that men usually make that upset the women.

Being a slob, so please, take care of your appearance. Women in general, take the extra mile to look good for you, the least you can do is to try to put on some good clean pair of pants and we all know that ironing your shirt will not kill you, so take that effort.

Yes, your woman will love you no matter what but taking that initiative to look good for her will cause the good mood to last. Further innocent mistakes that you can do to change the mood of your honey bunch from heavenly to scary is to become a preacher when she pours out her problems or dilemma.

Most women are not looking for solutions when they divulge their problems, they just want someone to listen and sympathize with them. I know that you mean well and that you are just overwhelmed with concern for her but giving her step by step elucidation of her distress can aggravate her down feelings more.

So when she starts spilling her guts about her predicaments, it’s best to say “that really sucks, honey. I’ m sorry you feel that way, I hope everything will be alright soon.” Other innocent mistakes that men make are to trivialize the bonding moments, bonding moments can be snuggling on the couch watching television or having dinner together in the a fancy restaurant or at home.

What I mean when I say trivializing these moments is going to sleep during your snuggling time or finishing your meal like a famished person. Doing those innocent mistakes will make your woman feel that you don’t want to spend those “little moments” that makes your relationship different and special.

And the worst innocent mistakes that you can do is to be clueless and not getting the hint when she is in the mood for love. In case you don’t know here are the hints when your woman wants some hot steaming sex tonight- she gives you more soft touches, gives you naughty glances, she wears skimpy and sexy lingerie instead of her usual pj’s, or she talks about the “Brazilian shave” she got this afternoon.

These innocent mistakes are the things that annoy women, though these may not really hurt her but if you want to make her feel good then now you know what to do.

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The author of this article, Ruth Purple, is a successful Relationship Coach. Learn how you can seduce any man that you fancy with so much ease and subtlety.