We live in an ever changing world. The pace of the change is speeding up every day. The only way to survive and to thrive in this ever changing environment is to constantly innovate, evolve and grow. Your commitment to consistent innovation is what will separate you from the followers and make you a true leader and path finder or trail blazer. You will become an achiever that will stand out and you will become someone that sets the standards for performance and achievement.

Innovation is what will help you to create real meaningful and sustainable progress in your life. Progress is what will advance your life and business beyond the average. Constant innovation will put you ahead of the competitive herd and the status quo.

Gone are the days where innovation was reserved for the select few, such as Einstein, Edison and the Wright Brothers. The ever increasing pace of change has made it imperative that everyone that wants to succeed and excel must become an excellent innovator or they risk being sidelined as just part of the herd or a very small spoke in the wheel of life.

Innovation is not an event, it is a process. It is a mindset shift and change in philosophy. It becomes a way of life, a commitment to stop looking at the world and only seeing what is. It must become a new commitment to look at the world and to constantly search for what could be or in fact should be.

When you are a true innovator you constantly see the potential within yourself and others. You look for the opportunity for what could be in every event, situation, process, experience or outcome. You are committed to constantly serve, guide, help and solve.

To become a great innovator you must start by becoming an excellent observer. Study people, your environment, how people operate and live, what they want and need and what challenges they face. As you observe, constantly look for ways to add value to the world and the people around you. As important as it is to come up with new ideas, being creative is not being a true innovator. A true innovator is a person who takes action and makes things happen. They are real implementers of ideas and new strategies.

Creativity is thinking of new things that will make a difference in the world. Innovation is implementing these changes and making a real and lasting difference in the world. True innovators go way beyond creativity and they become the people that transform people lives. They are the people that turn creative ideas into real and meaningful progress. Innovation is converting creative ideas into marketable products that will make everyone’s lives better.

When you make this shift in philosophy and you commit to become a true innovator. You will begin to see the world very differently and every challenge or opportunity that crosses your path will present you with new ideas and marketable concepts. These marketable products or services will have so much value that people will part with their hard earned resources to get their hands on them.


Author's Bio: 

Andrew is a motivational speaker that you can trust to deliver a relevant motivational message, every time. He is a straight shooting, grounded and deeply curious teacher that will inspire your team to deliver their best, every day. His credible message will leave all attendees with a practicle set of tools and techniques that they can begin to immediately utilise and apply in their lives and careers.

His No. 1 goal when he speaks as a motivational speaker, is to ignite magic in each person, connect with them so that he can help them renew a vision, inspire someone to find a lost belief or birth a new one, guide them to create a spark or inspire someone to take action so that they can achieve what they desire!

He has been a consummate student in the field of human development for the past twenty years and specialise in guiding people to optimise their time, energy and activity management routines. As a motivational speaker he will help everyone that attends his talks to begin the process of developing a Success Habit Set that will help them to promote Sustainable and Effortless Success.