Every modern aspect comes with merits and demerits, and the result is the excessive dependency on these. In this modern era, we often find that people are hardly health conscious according to their age. Recent statistics have revealed that the most irresponsible group is teenagers. Besides, they are busy to enjoy the games, videos, movies, social networking and so on without bothering about the fact that they are destroying their healthy life.

Talking about health issues, nowadays, young folks are suffering from an eye-sight problem like vision problem, health problems like blood pressure problems while growing, fitness problems like obesity and so on. Here we will describe the issues and the remedy in brief.

1. Vision problem: emphasizing on the vision problems, most of us are facing problems like eye pain, blurred or double vision, a cornea with farsightedness or nearsightedness, and many. Most of the studies said these problems are increasing day by day due to the dependency of upgraded technology and gadgets, no matter it might in study programmes, working appliances or entertainment media.

The specialist team like Dallas PRK who are working for the betterment of PRK problems, or Lasek issues, is working to provide the best service and trying to remove the confusion or misunderstanding regarding surgery or laser service.

2. Fitness problem: health is the source of all happiness. With the slightest pain and misery, one can hardly concentrate on studies, works, or complete the target with full force. In recent days, people are addicted to junk foods and careless about nutrition.

Statistics have shown that people of all ages are so busy with the tasks and addicted to modern technology that they seldom pay heed to their health and fitness. Also, the rate of cardiac patients, arthritis patients is increasing adversely. People can avail the desire aspects by ordering online and get it without physical activity, here technology making people lazy.

3. Hearing problem: music helps us to get relief and communication gives us support. But, now we are in love with sounds in high volume or apparent using mobile phones. It might be for speaking with people or might be using headphones. These are harmful to us if we use them for a longer time and restlessly.

Moreover, several medical teams have said that the number of patients with hearing problems has increased rapidly within a few years just because of using the massive amount of advanced technologies. The suggestion from the specialists is that people should try to avoid dependency on these aspects or try to control the uses of these as more as possible.

4. Insomnia, depression or loneliness problem: social networking websites have reduced the quantity of physical presence in family programmes, friends reunion, or social activities. On the contrary, with the bless of the internet, people prefer technologies to communicate with people, they might be in the same place or far away. Unconsciously, they fall in depression, insomnia or find themselves alone without knowing the reason behind it. So, we should try to visit our relatives, make more friends and keep themselves surrounded by them.

To conclude, we should make the great use of the blessings of advanced innovations and keep in mind that they are useful to some extent and detrimental as a result of our negligence.

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Md Rasel is a professional blogger.