Breast augmentation surgery is constantly gaining popularity because of increasing consciousness among women about their looks and figure, which includes their breast size and contour. Women nowadays are very particular about their breast size. Those who are unhappy about the size or contour of their breasts can now opt for innovative and safe breast augmentation surgery provided by leading plastic surgeons in the U.S. This surgical procedure ensures women more appealing and fuller breasts, and an improved bust line.

How Breast Augmentation Can Help Women

  • Improves the appearance of small breasts and is also beneficial if one breast is smaller than the other
  • Enhances breast size that has reduced after pregnancy
  • Can be done as part of breast reconstruction after mastectomy
  • Ensures improved self-confidence and self-esteem

Safe and Effective Procedure

Breast augmentation surgery is not associated with major risks or complications, but you must consult an experienced plastic surgeon to decide whether you are a candidate. With board certified surgeons providing the procedure in an AAAASF accredited plastic surgery facility, you needn’t have concerns about this surgery.

Breast augmentation is usually done with saline and silicone breast implants, both of which are FDA approved. These implants help to add the desired volume to the breasts and re-contour them. Among the two options, silicone implants are safer and are not associated with the risk of rippling. They also look and feel more natural. The saline implants require only smaller incisions. If at all they rupture, the solution is absorbed by the body tissues.

The incision for breast augmentation can be placed in any one of three locations, and this is decided by your plastic surgeon. They make this important decision taking into consideration the amount of breast tissue, the shape of your breasts, and other factors. The implants are placed under the breast tissue via an:

  • Incision underneath the breast
  • Incision around the areola
  • Incision through the armpit

Benefits of Breast Augmentation Surgery

Women undergoing the surgery benefit from youthful looking breasts. The awareness that they look good boosts their self esteem and confidence. Women benefit from:

  • Improved physical appearance
  • Symmetrical breasts
  • Fuller and rounder breasts
  • Improved self confidence

To enjoy all the benefits of breast surgery, you have to approach the right plastic surgeon. The surgeon should be experienced, sensitive to your requirements, and must provide the surgery at a reputable, well-equipped plastic surgery facility. Make sure that you clear all your doubts regarding the procedure during the initial consultation. You should feel comfortable with your plastic surgeon and follow all his/her instructions.

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Breast augmentation surgery is a surgical procedure performed to increase the size of the female breast. An experienced plastic surgeon in Houston, Texas, Dr. Jason Hall and Dr. Sean Boutros performs breast enlargement surgery via a variety of techniques.