In the year 2016, as per the numbers shared by US Department of Commerce sometime, this year stated, 2.2% YoY growth in the retail sector. However, they also confirmed 15.6% YoY growth for the ecommerce sector. With Halloween a week away and Black Friday in a month’s time, do you have better ideas than to focus on gaining through gift-sales?

Online selling is in itself a powerful force to attract consumers. But that is exactly the reason why everyone is into it and Amazon still remains the largest player in the ocean. To steep beyond the line of saturation, you must offer value.

The value beyond just the fancy price...The value above the retail store next to your buyer. And, the value that makes your site visitors love your catalogue!

Adding up below mentioned products in your e-catalogue may prove to be a profitable decision.

Personalized Learning Color Board for Kids

Kids always love when they find their name on any of the material be it books or t-shirts. Hence, on this Children’s day offer your customers to gift kids personalized learning color board. Allow parents to design specialized color book by specifying name, message and customized clipart for their kids. These will make the learning process more engaging for young ones. Such gifts can easily be showcased on your e-commerce portal through magento gift product design tool.

Customized Gadget Stickers

Black Friday is near and all eyes are on catching up best technical gadget deals available in the market. So why not allow customers to design their own laptop and mobile skin covers from your e-store or offline store? It’s indeed a great thought. Through magento gift design tool, offer them varied options for selecting skin theme or category for their gadget.

Provide them a platform to upload their own design or image for the device cover. Additionally, let them share their creation through Facebook Post, Twitter Posts, Facebook ads, Instagram Photos, Pinterest and many more social networking platform.

Designer Bag for Champagne Bottle

It's nearly Christmas and the drinks will soon be flowing. If you are getting someone a bottle of Moet to get merry with this winter then why not offering the gift with stunning Moet gift bag. Such customized champagne bags can be easily designed and displayed for your product portfolio by making use of gift design tool.

Provide your customers with recommended bag designs segregated by brands.

Personalized Wooden Plaques

Before the Christmas holidays, corporate companies hunt e-commerce portals for client and employee gifts. Offering personalized gifts to employees and clients reinforces the brand and its value. So allowing corporates to design customized wooden plaques with a family photo or company logo published on it, can help to increase your ecommerce sale.

On purchase of this product, offer them to generate free customized gift card powered by magento gift card extension available in the market.

All the above-mentioned features can be achieved easily. Thanks to the gift designing tools which are available in the market. The product designer platform can be easily integrated with your present e-commerce website.

Are you looking for one such gift or product design software? Don’t forget to try our own tool. Write to us for more queries and a free demo. Happy Holidays!

Author's Bio: 

Pratik Shah is the Creative Director at Brush Your Ideas. It is a company that offers a Web-to-Print software and a ready to integrate Web-to-Print store. Pratik holds an expertise on the ecommerce and web-to-print technology related subjects. He often contributes with his articles on different forums.