Fashion portrait photography is the most common form of fashion photography. All professionals and amateurs practice it, every model poses for it. This term is very broad in itself and encompasses several other forms of fashion photography too. But this article is not about those forms. It is rather about the correct artistic and aesthetic ways of clicking impressive fashion portraitures.

For amateurs or first-time photographers, it is important to choose models carefully. Usually, for the first time, one should work with someone with whom you share a certain amount of comfort level. This will help in reducing your nervousness, which will be there at the time of photo shoot because you yourself would be weighing under the fact that it is your first time. I could be asking yourself, ‘Am I doing the right thing?’ This is why having an acquaintance or a friend as a model will help.

Cape Town Based Photographer Amy Green says that a portrait is actually a photo in which all the emphasis is given to the face of the person, thus capturing that person’s emotions. In such a photo, the person directly looks at the viewer thus, giving the effect that the photo is trying to say something to you. A few kinds of portrait photography are family portraits and graduation day portraits. Popularized by the art of painting in a quite distant era, it was taken up by photography, and thus it has evolved till now. Following are some tips for fashion portrait photography.

Finding model- As stated above, if you are an amateur, you can approach your friends to pose as models. If you are a professional or have got a formal training in photography, you could contact the numerous modelling agencies out there and give them the description about the kind of model you are seeking. You could use the Internet to get the contact numbers of such agencies.

Practice indoor and outdoor- When you are new to photography and still trying to specialize in some or the other types of photography, one thing to do is to try out both kinds of portrait photography- indoor and outdoor. This will teach you how to manipulate light in both the cases. Though, while shooting outside, you have the advantage of natural light from the sun, it is not the case while working indoors. In an indoor setup, you need to know about your lights and flash. If your budget is lower and stops you from hiring lights, you could make use of the windows- open them wide and allow all the light in. You would be lucky if you have a home with large windows. Using flash is another good option provided you know its technicalities.

Knowledge of aperture and shutter speed- It is important to know the controls and options of your camera. The aperture and shutter are two very important elements of any camera that control the amount of light falling on the light sensors, thus dictating the overall exposure of your photo. For a well-lit portrait, you must adjust them to optimum levels. While shutter speed is the amount of time for which the light will fall on the sensor plate, aperture (also known as f-stop) is the amount of light falling on the sensor. A higher f-stop means lower lighting and vice-versa.

Kind of lenses to be used- You have a variety of lenses to choose from. A telephoto lens or a wide-angle lens allows more flexibility to the photographer in his composition. A wide-angle lens would also capture the ambiance and the surrounding props in the portrait while telephoto lens is limited in panoramic scope but concentrates entirely on the subject. Prime lenses don’t offer any options of zoom but they are good when it comes to photographing in low light; they give higher aperture shift options thus making the photographer’s task easier without using ISO too much.

Practice on people around you- As a beginner, you must practice before you call a model for a proper shoot. The Best of Family Portrait Photography: Professional Techniques and Images- a book by Bill Hurter and many other such books will come handy in going through family portrait photographs in order to know about the right techniques.

Capturing the emotion- Portrait photography is all about capturing the real emotions of the people in it. The clothes, the lighting, and the props should all be used according to the character of the subject. Some of the great photographers.

Try different styles- For amateurs, they still need to find what works for them and what doesn’t. For finding this out, it is important that they do a lot of experiments early in their career in order to specialize in certain styles.

These are certain tips for fashion portrait photography. There is an abundance of information on this subject on the Internet. One can check out photos and interviews of photographers who tell about how they achieved their shots. You will also find video tutorials on the same subject. So read, see, learn and click.

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