Web Development in India is getting popular day by day, as most of the service providers of India are capable of providing quality and efficient software solutions at affordable prices, which is found rare in other parts of the world. PHP Web Development is one of the most popular and powerful scripting languages for web development, which has a huge community of programmers. It is a strong server-side scripting language, which is written with the help of HTML code. PHP code is parsed by PHP module, which is installed on server-side. PHP 5.3 is current version of this language, which is going very well in the market, and developers are much excited to use it due to its following most popular features.

Improved Garbage Collection Support: Programmers can take advantage of a very powerful feature called garbage collection in their applications, which is also known as GC. GC is a mechanism of automated memory management, which destroys the unused object from your programming code. Proper garbage collection strategies of any programming language can be a vital factor for improvising the speed of any web supplication.

Late Static Binding: The latest versions of PHP are well equipped with the feature called late binding, which is an object-oriented feature that facilitates the static classes and methods to perform more correctly than before.

Improved PHP.ini Section: PHP programmers are equipped with php.ini support, which is used to configure your PHP code in an efficient manner. One can easily edit or modify this text file, if the need arises. This file can be used for various reasons such as providing security features, authorization or other configuration details.

Namespaces Support: PHP language supports namespaces, which is also known as a collection of various classes in programming. Most of the programming languages use namespace for avoiding name collisions of various functions or methods. They can be used in a great way for using the features such as encapsulation and other related methods.

Light Weight Application and Easy Error Detection: PHP applications are known to be lightweight applications due its amazing inbuilt mechanism, which loads faster on the internet than other applications.

The above-mentioned features of PHP language can be a great way to clear one’s understanding related to the potential of this powerful language. Therefore, if you are an aspirant programmer or looking to implement PHP Development in India for your business website, this scripting language can fulfill most of your business requirements.

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