What happens when the human body dies? Is that it, or is there such a thing as a soul and does it live on forever? If the latter, where does it go?

Many people who experienced a NDE (near death experience) have brought back intriguing information, and this valuable insight from the other side can help everyone.

The Near Death Experience Research Foundation (NDERF) has the largest collection of NDEs in the world—over 4000 in more than 23 languages.

Is it possible that NDEs are a creation of the mind because facing death is difficult? It’s natural to be skeptical, and the NDERF FAQ page answers these types of questions and provides a good summary of the phenomenon.

We read all of the “exceptional NDE cases” on the NDERF site and selected what we believe are the most fascinating to share with our readers. You can read the entire case history on the NDERF site by clicking on the person’s name.

Cate NDE 5288 was told by a guide during her NDE that it was no accident she narrowly avoided death five times in the last year. He told her what she needed to learn in this life (about love) was so important that she needed to remain incarnated until then. After that it would be her time to go.

Cynthia H NDE 5071. During her NDE she asked how God (her perception of the higher power) could send people to hell if he loves everyone unconditionally. She was told some people chose to go to (places that appear as hellish or lacking Light). (God) has already forgiven them, and they must forgive themselves and feel worthy of moving on to a better place.

She also asked how God could forgive a murderer or rapist. She was told, “there is good in all people,” and you can forgive anyone if you look hard enough.”

While we understand the power of forgiveness, our findings show the law of karma dictates nobody gets away with anything.

Jean K NDE 4964 had a NDE when she was ill with a severe case of bronchitis. As she moved to the Light, she heard suffering souls below her in the darkness. She knew that their suffering would end if they turned toward the Light, but they were stubborn and wouldn’t.

She also saw “tiny trails of blue, pink and green lights traveling across the expanse of darkness toward the Great Light.” She wondered what they were, and like other NDEs, instantly had the answer to her question: they were prayers from people seeking the Light. The larger white light trails moving outward from the Light were answers to prayers.

She saw the image of Jesus in the Light and realized if she had been Buddhist she would have seen Buddha. She was told, “That is right. God appears in a familiar form.”

She wanted to stay in the Light but as soon as she thought of her troubled, fatherless children, and how they needed her, she knew she had to go back and felt herself returning to her body.

Justin U NDE 4671 described seeing many other spirits leaving their bodies and moving away from Earth on his ascent to the Light. He said some (“maybe one in a hundred or less”) had what looked like clouds above their heads consisting of their own negative thoughts and feelings like anger and hatred, which blocked the Light and love above. He could sense their feelings and wanted to help them look up to the Light, but couldn’t reach them. He said the love and Light was also doing all it could to help them, but they couldn’t or wouldn’t accept or see it. He also said it was obvious the negative voids were self-imposed, and not from an energy or being punishing them. He wondered if they felt the need to punish themselves due to excessive guilt from their life reviews.

Justin said he is, “no saint and have done much wrong in my life so I do not understand still why I was never like that myself.” He’s still worried that he might be one of the souls who can’t see the Light when it’s his time to “die” again.

He also learned in his life review that, “Nothing is hidden; there are many beings both good and bad watching us at all times. You are NEVER alone so your secrets good and bad will always come out sooner or later.”

Our findings also show that you’re never alone, which is why it makes sense to remember to always protect yourself spiritually, such as through a protection prayer like Spiritual Detox.

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