The Near Death Experience Research Foundation (NDERF) is the largest NDE website in the world with over 4000 experiences in over 23 Languages.
They are used to the understandable amount of skepticism and doubt about NDEs and provide a lot of helpful information, and address the typical questions on their FAQ page.

We combed through their database and found what we believe are the most intriguing parts of various case histories to share with our readers. Click on the name in each section to read the entire case on the NDERF site.

Cara NDE 3637 had a life review during her NDE with beings of energy, including “the God being, or a large mass of energy.” She didn’t want to return to Earth, but she came to understand that if she didn’t at this time, she would at another time in another body to finish what she was there to do. Before her NDE, she didn’t believe or disbelieve in reincarnation, but she says, “Now I am sure I have had many incarnations.”

Cara also learned that nothing is by chance or coincidence, yet we have a choice how we react. Everyone we encounter, she said, is for a reason. We have the free will to disregard the individual and experience, or be open to possibilities presented. We also have a choice to be aware and live in the moment, but many people don’t on Earth.

We share the same philosophies: so much more in life is fated than people realize, so that key occurrences are experienced, and it’s up to you how you respond.

Wayne H NDE 2543 had a NDE after being struck by a car as a pedestrian, and was able to observe the life of Jesus, but said his real name was not Jesus, but something more like Josephus. Wayne said he saw that Jesus had a regular mother and father with no God intervention. Due to his NDE during a difficult birth, he had a difficult childhood because he knew too much. As Jesus got older he told people about his experience, not to fear death, what to expect after death, and that everyone could awaken to their spiritual self.

Wayne said Jesus, “…drew a small crowd of followers. After a time some of his followers wanted to form a religion and replace the Jewish priests because of the money and power. He cast the power mongers out of his following. Five of them conspired against him. At his trial there were three witnesses against him, all were his followers. He was hanged (not crucified, he was just a petty criminal to the Romans). Being in a hurry the Romans cut him down a little early and his loyal followers carried his body off. He revived having had a second near death experience (his 'second coming' so to speak). He lived for a while hiding from his five traitorous former friends (the anti-Christ?) but died after a bit from his injuries.”

Wayne said that his NDE caused him to shun religion: “I am no longer a Southern Baptist and have very little use for religions.”

Barbara S NDE 2102/5023/7375 was told during her NDE that humans, as a whole, have a long way to go before they learn how to love and accept each other without power games, prejudice, and thinking money or status make one better than someone else. In reality, “We are all exactly the same in the creator's eyes.”

Barbara was raised Catholic and taught about hell, heaven, and how people would be judged for their sins after they die. On the other side, she felt like those notions were false, and only experienced love and acceptance. She said, “I felt religion was man-made stuff to control society.”

Diane G NDE 622, who experienced a NDE after drowning, hoped to recreate her experience on the other side when back on Earth by trying several drugs, such as LSD, mushrooms, and ecstasy. She said it’s not the same because while fear and a feeling of loss of control is common with drugs, it’s not during a NDE. NDEs feel more real than life on Earth, while drugs create more of a surreal feeling.

Mind and mood altering drugs separate you from your true self and the Light, and they also attract dark energy. Ultimately, there’s nothing spiritual about taking drugs.

Diane also had a revelation about the Bible during her NDE. She now believes that much of it is about what people in those times learned about their own NDEs. Then, people who had mystical experiences were considered saints, but, “…today they call us nut cases or try to explain it away scientifically so we don't cast doubt on their long held beliefs based on a wrong world view.”

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