The Near Death Experience Research Foundation (NDERF) is the largest NDE website in the world with over 4000 experiences in over 23 Languages.
No one can prove a NDE with physical evidence, so it’s natural to be skeptical about the phenomenon. The FAQ page of the NDERF site contains helpful information, including answers to common concerns.

We read through the case history database and found what we believe are the most interesting parts to share with our readers. Click on the case history name if you’d like to read the entire case on the NDERF site.

William Si NDE 541/2043 experienced clinical death after a surgery related heart attack. During his NDE he sensed souls in the shadows and felt it was mostly due to their religious indoctrination and negative actions on Earth that caused them to believe they weren’t worthy of the Light. When they forgive themselves they will return to the Light.

William was also able to see four old friends he had had on Earth. They were all killed in a car wreck when hit by a drunk driver. The drunk driver was also there; his friends had forgiven him and, “All five of them knew and agreed that their missions on this earth ended on that particular night.”

He also mentioned that according to his religion, his four friends shouldn’t have been in heaven because they were gay. But there they were without shame or guilt. William said society and his religion had the problem, not his friends who were good people.

Karen S NDE 10058 “died” in a car accident. During her NDE, she experienced overwhelming love and acceptance from her guides. They told her about the accident and that it was her time to come home. But then she remembered her seven month-old son and panicked. She worried that his father didn’t know how to take care of him and didn’t want him raised by his father’s parents.

Her guides tried to help her understand it was her time, but she refused to accept it. Finally, a higher spirit arrived, calmed her, and allowed her to return. However, before she returned to Earth she understood that her family and friends had lessons they were meant to learn from her death that were being postponed. They would need to learn those lessons eventually.

She also saw that arrangements were made for how, where, and when her Earthly body would “die” a final time and her soul would return to the other side. But that information was erased from her memory because if she knew those details she’d focus on them too much.

Lisa M NDE 169, who died from drowning, gives a description of her entrance to the other side that is common among NDEs: “In the midst of the light, stood a male figure. It was radiating this light, and radiating this totally unearthly complete unconditional Love. I was embraced by this being, or enveloped in its light, which felt like an embrace. Suddenly I remembered this place. This was my home, the place that was really my home, and I wondered how I could've ever forgotten about it. I felt as though after a long, difficult journey in a foreign country I finally had come home, and the being of light who was there before me was the being that knew me better than anyone else in creation.”

Lisa also said the being of Light knew everything she had ever thought, said, or done, and showed her all the details in her life review. The past and future was there for her to see, including everything, the positive and negative, and how she had influenced others and they her. Lisa said, “I could experience the feelings and thoughts of all the other people involved myself, almost become them, which gave me pure experiential understanding of what brought other people pain, or joy, the positive or negative experiences and effects of my own actions.”

As in so many NDE’s, Lisa speaks of the idea that everything comes back to you, including the effects of how you treat others. It’s a good reminder to treat others as you want to be treated.

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