Do you believe in life after death? Or is the death of the physical body the end of the road? Many people, through a near death experience (NDE) found out what it’s like to “die,” and then came back to life to share some incredible insight.

The Near Death Experience Research Foundation (NDERF) is the largest NDE website in the world with over 4000 experiences in over 23 Languages.
Skeptics claim a NDE is just imagination or the reaction of the brain to death. The FAQ page of the NDERF site addresses this issue and many others.

We read through their case history database and are sharing what we believe are the most remarkable parts. Click on the name in the case history if you’d like to read the entire case on the NDERF site.

Karen T NDE 8250 had a NDE during surgery. Her guides told her the future of her life she was shown during her NDE would be erased from her memory because otherwise the choices she would make in life would be tainted. However, she was allowed to keep enough of the memories to, “convince my logical mind of the reality of my experience and I would be given an unmistakable sign that would be proof of where I truly had been.“

Karen’s guide took her to a huge library full of tables and books and spirits studying. Her guide told her the hall held the Book of Life as described in the Bible. She was then guided to a back room where spiritual beings were sitting around a screen in the floor where she was to watch her life review. The most important part of the review was experiencing the impact her actions and words had on others. However, as is commonly noted in NDEs, none of the spirits judged her for any negative things she did or didn’t do, and she felt so sorry about them. She said it seemed the spirits had been with her a long time and also helped to plan her life before she was born. They also showed her some future events in her life, “Some events would definitely occur and some events were possible but not definite.”

Our findings show this as well--your life includes key predestined events, along with the ability to apply your free will toward your goals, within the framework of your personal fate.

Deborah L NDE-Like 7961 had a detailed dream of her brother, who was rejected by their family before he died of AIDS. This devastated Deborah and she vowed to never speak to them again.

In the dream, her brother showed her a white marble bust without a head or arms on a pedestal. He said, “One thing that you have to understand about our cousins is that they just didn't have it in them to be any different than they were when I was sick. Look at this bust, it has no arms. You wouldn't expect a person without arms to play the piano or to catch a ball. It's the same concept with our cousins and how they behaved. They didn't have it in them to be any different.'” He told her that if she carries anger toward others in her heart, she will poison her own life. He said, “You must consider them as souls who are spiritually handicapped.”

William M NDE 4269 fell asleep at the wheel and his girlfriend died in the accident. He was overwhelmed with guilt and sadness. While still in the hospital, she visited him from the other side as “a classic 'woman in white' apparition.” She explained to him that he shouldn’t blame himself because it was her time to leave.

Brian T NDE 2538 had a NDE after drowning at age 10. He was born deaf, but during his NDE he was able to “hear” by communicating with guides and ancestors using telepathy, a common experience of those on the other side during a NDE.

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