How to meditate for enlightenment

Insight meditation is the pathway of discovery to find the truth. Which is how to meditate for enlightenment. Increased soul energy flow leads to the expression of love wisdom. Everything that is learned on an inner level; can be applied to our every day life outer level. Therefore in this way it will result. In improving all our social relationships; with friends, family and acquaintances from our perspective. Just because we are at peace with the world; does not necessarily mean that the world will be at peace with us. However as above so below is the only reality that really matters.

Once we have the holistic model within our own mind; into how life works. Then we will find that there are no more surprises any more; during the living out of our life experience. A complete explanation of the two techniques of Anapana and Insight meditation; is described in "How to meditate" and "Insight Meditation Summary". In summary this article is all about gaining a holistic concept. Into what you are doing; and attempting to achieve with meditation and why.

Most Important step is to start Insight Meditation

Most important moment in your meditation career is the moment; that you sit down to the discipline of doing it. Because right here you are saying to yourself; that you believe in change. Additionally that you believe in caring and nurturing yourself. By taking this very first step in making it a living reality. No one who with the intention to escape the illusion totally; will ever escape the necessity to practice serious meditation.

Energy Meditation secrets Reveals Psychological Blindness

However psychological blindness is the usual psychic pattern; for most of average humanity. Which is created; as a direct natural consequence. Of psychic barriers being in place. These barriers are implemented by the ego; to protect itself from soul light. In this state of being the entity will perceive problems or irritations; to be outside the self. Rather than face the truth; of their own lower personality in the first place. This pattern or way of doing things; is called projecting your limitations onto another. Rather than face them in yourself in the first place. All of life's problems are never ever solved this way. Because the source with the solution is never found.

In common language this pattern of life perception. Is often referred to as the circle path; because it never goes anywhere. Perhaps now you will some idea; of how to escape this illusion? That's right emotionally detached self observation of yourself. Which is what you will gain; with correctly practiced insight meditation at an Ashram.

Source and solution is within the self

Revealed Psychic Insights

When we accept that the source and the solution; to every problem is within the self. We are well on the pathway to achieving spiritual wisdom. Then it naturally follows; that we will need to develop the internal focus in order to find solutions. In this way we are able to see the truth of what is within? Any energy directed at you presents a choice; which is essentially to accept or reject? Therefore the healthy choice is to accept the higher unifying energies; of love and compassion which uplift and inspire. This is in addition to rejecting. The lower separating energies of anger, fear or lack of self-worth etc.

First impact of soul is purification

Insight Meditation pathway to Nirvanic peace

  Our oversoul is a real powerhouse of energy. Which is just waiting patiently; to be stimulated into action to purify. First time you feel the real power of your own soul. You will wonder why you ever waited; so long to invoke it. In addition psychic insights are comparatively; the easier part to gain. Complete melting of all the crystalline structures of ego takes longer. In conclusion only after complete dissolution of all defilement's; does it become possible. To live free of all the sins; as presented in the prayer of repentance.

The expression of total and complete compassion with loving grace; is only achievable. After we have first reached a state of egolessness.   Removal of crystallization or resistance leads to stronger energy flow. With stronger voltage with its associated improved function on all levels. This will naturally lead; to lower painful experiences within the body. Furthermore while there is pain in the body; a person will always demonstrate reactive behavior. Above all it is completely inevitable.

Therefore the freedom from illusion or Enlightenment with nirvanic peace; will never ever be achieved by discussion. Only by the wisdom of direct personal experience gained; with insight meditation practice. Will the energy state of nirvana or nirvanic peace ever be created.

Discover Meaning of Life with Insight Meditation

Detached mental level Insight Meditation observation

Here I sit in silence; firstly becoming aware of the breathing. Just as sensations arise and pass away. Thoughts are also permitted to arise and pass away. Anything not held onto will eventually pass away altogether. Vacillation of the mind is quieted down. This in turn will permit the mind; to become sharper, more clearly and finely focused.

Next we become aware of the increasing soul energy flow; moving the physical body into a straighter more upright posture. What begins as a few sparks; becomes a real flood of energy pouring down. When the alignment of your spine is just right. Feel the switch on with the Bungarelli experience. Which is the mini enlightenment experience. After many meditations with many Bungarelli experiences. Then one day you may find yourself in a very different place; experiencing the complete dissolution with enlightenment.

Insight Meditation is a dissolving meditation. Once you gain the skill for continuous meditation. Which is to continually hold your awareness; within the soul energy flow. Your future will be completely assured. While you maintain continuous practice. Do you have the dull mind of average humanity? Or are you one of the chosen ones; who has the ability to escape the illusion? Why not find out for yourself? Therefore begin practicing Insight Meditation today; to discover the meaning of life. Which is a process of becoming enlightened.

Spiritual Wisdom Energy State

Psychic insights Balance first three Rays

In a totally balanced human being; it is the active intelligence. Which directs the energy being expressed; through the first two rays or aspects. Very simply put; when movement or a kick is required. We use first ray energy. Conversely when a pat on the back or reward. For well done is required. Second ray love wisdom energy is indicated. Whether we use first or second ray energy in any given circumstance.

It is important to realize; that both are love in action when correctly applied. There is no reason why we cannot adopt the love wisdom orientation. In the resting state where nothing; in particular is indicated. Above all children in particular will respond to this; by building in self-esteem and self-confidence.

As above so below is an esoteric expression. What we are on an inner level is the same as on outer level. Aura magnetic field indicates our spiritual statusAs above so below is an esoteric expression. What we are on an inner level is the same as on outer level. Aura magnetic field indicates our spiritual status

Secrets of Insight Meditation

As above so below reveals Spiritual Status

As above so below is a very old and ancient esoteric expression. This expression reveals that what we are on an inner level; is the same as what we are on outer level. Aura magnetic field indicates our spiritual status or stage of spiritual evolution. Love wisdom brings in the most correct knowledge. Psychic insights ability is utilized by the active intelligence. Which then determines; how will and power will be expressed. Therefore only when two people are both functioning; on the framework of personal responsibility. Can they relate to each other on that soft gentle loving level.

While a person lives a denial of personal responsibility; then the use of will and power becomes necessary. It is the love wisdom in tune with the active intelligence. Which then determines whether a sledge-hammer or a tinny hammer. Is required to restore greater balance. Above all learn about "as above so below" with insight meditation practice and spiritual science study at an Ashram.

Tibetan book of the Dead Spiritual Science Metaphysics

Only when all resistance has been dissolved; through increased energy flow from the over soul. Does it then become possible; to live a life of peace with surrender and deeply loving compassion. However life was never meant; to be a struggle. Do not worry be happy instead and of course have some fun. Spiritual science metaphysics is 100 percent repeatable; for anyone who implements the steps of purification. Reincarnation or wheel of rebirth; is explained in the book "Tibetan book of the dead".

Monastery Kathmandu is one location where you can study spiritual science. Follow same pathway to Nirvanic peace as Buddha revealed.Monastery Kathmandu is one location where you can study spiritual science. Follow same pathway to Nirvanic peace as Buddha revealed.

In conclusion it is not necessary any more to travel to a monastery in the Himalayas; to study spiritual science metaphysics or Anthroposophy to achieve spiritual growth. This is in addition to learning how to meditate at a meditation centre. Above all the wisdom of the world is now available; via internet from the comfort of your own home.

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My professional qualification is Veterinary Science. Over the years I have studied a number of other subjects as well, which includes Naturopathy, Homeopathy, acupuncture, kinesiology, clinical hypnosis and nutrition. For the Grass Roots Magazine number 186 April/May edition I wrote an article titled "Nutrition for Dogs and cats". All of this information is no where near as important as the spiritual knowledge. It is true to say that a person may survive a life with or without any particular area of knowledge.
However it is only the correct understanding with application of the spiritual or timeless knowledge that will enable a person to create a totally successful life! Sadly most of average humanity is so focused on chasing the sensational delights that they will not sit still long enough to learn some basic spiritual laws. In this way humanity would gain the ability to live life so much simpler and easier with far less pain and suffering experience!
There are only two paths in life. This is either running around in circles chasing the illusion or sitting still escaping the illusion. Eventually even the best chasers of the illusion will run out of stream and stop by default. How many lifetimes will you take before you stop to sit and meditate????
Insight meditation practiced correctly by anyone will speed up spiritual evolution. In the event that you may be experiencing some difficulties with Insight [Vipassana] meditation then it is highly recommended that you read the following articles "Immoral Action or Enlightenment", “Electrical Basis of Meditation” and “Meditation Secrets”.
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