Insight Meditation summary is a complete record; of all the essential features. Which the newly meditating practitioner needs to know beforehand. When practicing insight meditation for the first time; it is easier to gain a solid start by participating within a group. This insight meditation guide will assist any meditator; to navigate their way safely with meditation practice.
Interestingly insight meditation is a meditation process; that leads to the balancing of the chakras with a stronger aura. In addition there is also the development of clear mental process. Above all this is demonstrated by the laser mind of the soul infused mind. In other words would be to say become a sage. One who is an enlightened being. Therefore a person who is well on their way to becoming a spiritual master.

Basics of Insight Meditation

Firstly a standard meditation session has a one hour duration with three rules. Spine needs to be straight and erect with eyes closed and the body still. Only move the body if necessary to relieve pain or discomfort. However while most importantly maintaining the meditating awareness. Therefore as a result this is the beginning of learning. How to do two things equally well at the same time.
Most noteworthy quality of meditation is determined. By how well you maintain meditation awareness. Consequently it is not determined by how long or often you meditate. As a silent witness or with detached mental level observation. You allow the thoughts, emotions and sensations to arise and pass away. All the while maintaining the meditation discipline.
If your thoughts do move away. Continuously bring them back to your meditation awareness. Hence this is the discipline of the exercise that forms the whole basis. Upon which real progress in meditation ability is made.

Meditate at least 2 one hour sessions each day

Importantly every meditator needs to meditate for at least two, one hour sessions every day. Consequently this will maintain currently achieved meditating ability. In conclusion if you seek to achieve the continuous meditation state. Then it is best to practice intensively for 10 or 11 one hour sessions every day; during an intensive course 10 day course. Which is the required minimum each month; until continuous ability has been achieved.

Insight meditation summary guide to raising level of spiritual consciousness

Point of interaction between the Oversoul energy coming down and the degree of resistance. Will determine the level of awareness or degree of consciousness of the individual. Resistance is progressively dissolved with continual practice. Correspondingly the level of awareness will be increased! In addition the meditator will demonstrate far less reactive behavior
In this way you are learning the true art of surrender; which is non-reaction. Which naturally is a demonstration of a meditation process. As it is not a mental or emotional process. Therefore this clearly explains why going to spiritual entertainment performances; in itself has very little lasting value. In conclusion it is only the degree, you are motivated to practice serious meditation. That will impact positively long-term in your life.

Meditating awareness between sit down sessions

Therefore the more successful you are at maintaining; meditating awareness between sit down meditations. Then naturally the more rapid will be your progress into meditation maturity.
Beginner meditation is the Anapana exercise; which prepares you for successful insight meditation. In summary with this exercise you hold your awareness; on the triangle of the nose tip with the upper lip. You breathe naturally while you observe all sensations in this area. Therefore as you observe sensations, thoughts and feelings. You allow them to arise and pass away. However all the while you are maintaining the meditation discipline.
Therefore once you have awareness of the soul energy flow. Appropriately you may then begin; what is called common meditation. Which is to meditate with continuous meditating ability.

Meditation trick

Be aware of the meditation trick, which is a conscious straightening of your spinal alignment. Which will facilitate the strongest flow of soul energy; appropriate to your level of meditation capability.
As a meditator you are the silent witness or detached mental level observer. Especially relevant is that soul energy flow. Will increase from the first breath of Anapana practice. Whatever technique you choose to practice is only important in the aspect. In that it enables you to gain awareness of the soul energy flow.

Ability to meditate continuously

After gaining maturity with Anapana. Next step is insight meditation, which is a body scan with your awareness. Our awareness starts from the former baby soft spot on the top of your head. Consequently this exercise will further increase soul energy flow.
Furthermore the short-term goal with insight meditation practice. Obviously is to gain the ability to meditate continuously. Hence this is where you hold your awareness. Within the soul energy flow; which is at the level of the third eye or brow chakra. After this state has been achieved. There is no longer any need. To disrupt your life any further by attending the meditation centre. Above all just get on with living the outer and inner life both at the same time.

Insight Meditation Guide mile stone

An important mile stone on the pathway to achieving significant meditating maturity; is the clearing and straightening of the spinal cord. After this stage is reached; which is the cerebra spinal alignment correction. The mediator will experience very powerful currents of energy flowing down from the over soul. However with advanced meditation capability; you are well on the way to developing the laser mind of the soul infused mind.
However we do need to keep in mind the longer term goal. Which is the achievement of enlightenment. After all this signifies the final dissolution of all the remaining resistance in our being.

Psychic ability is secondary

Psychic ability is a secondary consequence. Which means that the focus of our awareness needs to be on process. Importantly not on the achievement of psychic abilities or results, which are only secondary achievements. Correct process will always lead to results 100 percent guaranteed. Therefore it is a gross error of judgement. To focus on psychic development before spiritual development. Implement meditation principals correctly to avoid any unpleasant consequences.

Insight Meditation Guide Prior preparation or poor performance

Therefore anyone who seeks to gain serious meditation ability will need to read diligently. All the healing and meditation articles contained on this website. Ultimate success is directly determined. By how well and correctly prepared you are beforehand!
Above all no one will ever escape the wheel of rebirth. Without insight meditation taken to its final conclusion. It is a conscious process of inducing or invoking the energy from the Oversoul. Which promotes an increased flow of energy; that will dissolve the resistance of ego or personality. In summary 100% attention from our Oversoul is required!

Insight Meditation summary guide to Consequences

Be aware of the meditation symptoms or changes. Greater detail on the whole range of meditation effects is provided in the following posts Holistic Healing, Meditation Symptoms and Meditation Spinal Alignment.

Insight Meditation Summary Conclusion

Insight meditation summary is designed for easy understanding. Hopefully you will be motivated to apply some serious effort to your practice. Unfortunately there is no other alternative. Therefore if you seek to escape the wheel of rebirth? Then true freedom is to be as open as the sky. In addition discrimination is our only protection in life.

Insight meditation summary Mystic

No pure mystic has ever or will ever escape the wheel of rebirth. Perhaps we may be motivated to meditate deeply on this statement to discover why? Would a true mystic ever be motivated to practice meditation? That’s right once an individual first begins serious meditation. He is no longer a pure mystic [emotional focus]. As the first impact of soul is the higher mental level. Which brings in spiritual understanding!

Spiritual Status

Definition of spiritual status is energy resistance balance. For instance this is all that can be taken with us at the end of an incarnation. Fastest way to improve your vibration rate or frequency is meditation. Therefore by definition only those people who choose. To gain serious meditation ability or maturity will experience a conscious life. Spiritual wisdom is an energy state.

Meditation Guide Three Steps for a Successful Life

We begin with the first step. Studying is to gain knowledge. As one step follows another, we will come to the second step. Quite naturally is to practice meditation to invoke or increase energy. Our third step is to practice continual self observation. It has a minimum requirement of a daily review every evening.
Self observation monitoring program is practised each day to assess our overall progress. Essentially we are making a value judgement of our own self. Which will recognize the progress that has been made to decrease reactive behavior patterns. Which are then replaced with soul responsive behaviours. Be aware of any blind spots due to psychic barriers distorting your perception.
How will anyone ever know the usefulness of a belief system or strategy. Commonly called model of the world. Unless there is the implementation of continual results assessment?

Three steps of Wisdom

First step is to hear wisdom with the second step being able to see wisdom. However the third and most important step is to be able to do wisdom. When you read and study this website. Only thing you will gain is the first step of wisdom.
As you process and contemplate this information with astute observation. You will gain the second step of seeing wisdom. However only when you gain maturity of serious meditation practice. Will you gain the third and most important step of doing wisdom.
Third and last step is only one that will liberate you. In conclusion because this is where you are actively changing energy state. Above all no one really knows how to do anything until he is able to do it himself.

Insight meditation speeds up spiritual evolution

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My professional qualification is Veterinary Science. Over the years I have studied a number of other subjects as well, which includes Naturopathy, Homeopathy, acupuncture, kinesiology, clinical hypnosis and nutrition. For the Grass Roots Magazine number 186 April/May edition I wrote an article titled "Nutrition for Dogs and cats". All of this information is no where near as important as the spiritual knowledge. It is true to say that a person may survive a life with or without any particular area of knowledge.
However it is only the correct understanding with application of the spiritual or timeless knowledge that will enable a person to create a totally successful life! Sadly most of average humanity is so focused on chasing the sensational delights that they will not sit still long enough to learn some basic spiritual laws. In this way humanity would gain the ability to live life so much simpler and easier with far less pain and suffering experience!
There are only two paths in life. This is either running around in circles chasing the illusion or sitting still escaping the illusion. Eventually even the best chasers of the illusion will run out of stream and stop by default. How many lifetimes will you take before you stop to sit and meditate????
Insight meditation practiced correctly by anyone will speed up spiritual evolution. In the event that you may be experiencing some difficulties with Insight [Vipassana] meditation then it is highly recommended that you read the following articles "Immoral Action or Enlightenment", “Electrical Basis of Meditation” and “Meditation Secrets”.
For a number of years I studied with the Peacock Group in far North Queensland
Currently I am a Meditation Teacher / Insight Healer at the “Energy Healing Centre” in Margate, Queensland, Australia.
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