Personality or character traits can be useful tools to the Counsellor or Therapist in assisting people to better understand themselves.
There are many different types of trait categories. And it is important to understand these do not tell us that all those grouped together under a general trait category have the same traits as one another or are the same in any other way. As we know for a fact that everyone is unique in their individual make-up. Also as people evolve, grow, learn, & develop, their associated traits do indeed change and develop with them.

One well known trait grouping technique is through Astrology and the 12 signs of the Zodiac. So let’s take a short, broad, look at some of the more common traits for each of the 12 astrological signs that may help us to better understand ourselves, and our partners personality & character a little better.

Aries: This sign tends to be a straight shooter and is driven where personal achievement & ambition are concerned. Not an abundance of patience here, though Aries make both lively and enthusiastic companions.

Taurus: tend to be stable & reliable characters with a definite appreciation of beauty, the arts, and indulging in the finer things in life. Taureans are known to be good lovers, both sensual & practised in the art of enjoyment.

Gemini: make great multitasks. Blessed with intelligence which always enjoys a lot of stimulation, & does not tolerate boredom whatsoever! Sometimes prone to being superficial & leaving things undone can be an issue.

Cancer: this sign has an acute intuition which tends to be very accurate. Can become overly sensitive and easily hurt at times. Need to watch anxiety levels & that their powerful emotions don’t get to smothering. Though make compassionate, loyal, and protective lovers.

Leo: are often powerful personalities which enjoy more than a little drama in thier lives. Need to keep in check their instinct to dominate all others. However, as born leaders, with many inspiring leadership qualities present, this sign can really shine in the right situations.

Virgo: Virgo’s are usually very helpful people, and tend to also be good communicators. In love Virgo’s can be shy by nature, but have the ability to be fun loving, lively, and affectionate lovers.

Libra: key things in life for Libra are balance and harmony. This sign is generally happier in a relationship than single. Sometimes avoids confronting issues needing attention to maintain their sense of peace. Decision making does not come easily.

Scorpio: highly charged personalities with a tendency to become obsessive about anything they care about, if not kept in check. Scorpios need to channel their abundance of energy positively, this sign enjoys sex. Jealousy can be a serious threat to their relationships wellbeing.

Sagittarius: this sign is fun and freedom loving. Sagittarian’s enjoy ongoing challenges in their lives & relationships. The one thing they do not enjoy is being “fenced in” in any relationship, and can be overly impulsive.

Capricorn: Capricorns have a wonderful off beat sense of humour. Not known to be emotional generally. But make loyal, warm, and sure footed, partners in their relationships.

Aquarius: this sign is very individualistic and tends to build their lifestyle around their own inclines. Aquarians are usually friendly, with a strong humanitarian streak. Maintaining independence is generally important, as is friendship in their relationships.

Pisces: Piscean’s are some of the kindest and most charitable characters in the zodiac. They tend to be highly emotionally charged and generous in sharing them. Pisceans have a tendency to undervalue themselves and can become prone to negative escapism. Though with support & nurturing a plenty in their relationships, they make highly intuitive, imaginative, & romantic partners.
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