Do You Know What You Are Hiding From Yourself?

For the next three weeks or so we are in the Scorpio season. Scorpio knows what we are hiding in our lives, it wants to bring this to our attention so it can be addressed.

The new moon rose early morning (UTC) on 9th October. In Libra, did its intensity feel more like a full moon with its surge of love and emotions flowing?

This new moon has more themes unfolding than just new beginnings. Clarity, excitement and intense emotional healing, also feature. Meaning there will be intense responses to what unfolds.


My own feeling is that momentum is building and new activities are about to appear, though I have yet to see tangible evidence they are! Is it the same for you?

October as a whole is asking us to take action to prepare, activate and grow to help you step into 2019 with confidence!

In fact, all the steps you are taking are influencing your future in a positive way!

For the next three weeks or so we are in the Scorpio season. It is drawing attention to what is most important to each of us. Scorpio knows what we have hidden/obscured in our lives, yet is often of paramount importance to our soul.

Scorpio requires each of us to come to terms with personal power, self-responsibility and individual stewardship. That way we can act collectively to create redemption through observation without judgement.

If the necessary clearing is not actioned, then it will not be possible to participate in what can be viewed as the collective redemptive.

We need to go inward so we can remove what has been clouding our vision, providing an opportunity to arrive at extraordinary insight. As the 40 days and 40 nights of the Venus retrograde unfold, so we will begin to look outward again.

It will provide a fresh start for us collectively and individually. In particular in how we go about building relationships and how we invite our people into agency-driven, respected relationships.

Its emphasis is on how do we build our business relationships - what is it we stand for; how are we really viewed; how do we want to be viewed?

And Even More Scorpio

Jupiter (in Scorpio) with Venus retrograde (in Scorpio until 31st October) means feeling our deeply hidden discomfort and pain. It is necessary for the pain be visible, so those who have ignored it or been blind to it will be challenged to continue to do so. That is how change will take place.

Those whose fortunes have been made on top of that pain… know change is at hand. It also provides a moment to rethink how you use power and control. The changes will impact money, structure and systems.

As a water sign, Scorpio is asking each of us to acknowledge, nurture and explore our feelings.

A recurring theme in many of my recent soul part recovery sessions has been how much of yourself do you love and accept?

Love And Accept Yourself

It is such an important question. For the more you are able to accept and love yourself, the more your authority and direction will flow from within rather than from any external source. This is what creates personal power.

Which in turn means you can live with greater integrity. Living your life in accord with your own values and principles rather than being swayed by needing the approval of others. Giving away your power to others.

For it is those parts of us we judge or are ashamed of, parts we hide away from ourselves and others, which undermine our own power and authority.

Whenever you become aware of a wounded fragmented part of yourself and welcome it back, you become stronger, more powerful, more compassionate and more who you really are.

The most certain way of identifying there is a wounded part of yourself is to recognise the patterns in your life. They will keep returning, usually with more force, until the lesson is recognised and learnt. Only then can your soul expand.

Allow Yourself to Feel

Mercury’s presence, with Venus retrograde and Jupiter finishing its yearlong cycle, mean we are being asked to recognise all resources, including energy and so finance are infinite. To be completely aware the Creator is sustaining us all.

More particularly to understand the perspective of our soul and its eternal perspective. Meaning we become aware of the lead role feelings now play.

For Libra is encouraging us to bring balance to all aspects of our life, and so the world around us.

It is our choice whether we continue with imbalance or choose to act to become balanced. Leaving Scorpio on 8th November, Jupiter's final weeks provide an opportunity to elevate and heal your unconscious emotional drivers with laughter.

To smile at your fears! After all, happiness is of your choosing.

21st October the sun moves into, yes, Scorpio. To reclaim our power, we may need to go through a reckoning. This may generate a new insight – “Around I have never seen it was in my power to….”

If you find yourself at a transition point in your life where you are wondering whether to dance or not, and you like the idea of doing something truly meaningful, rewarding and also profitable, I invite you to schedule a complimentary Discovery Session with me. Email me by clicking on the Contact tab to explore possibilities.

Love and Money

The first 20 days of Venus retrograde are about letting go. The 20 days from 25th October is when to make your fresh starts. Especially to create your material wealth.

Jupiter along with Mercury and Venus moving through Scorpio will open many opportunities for you – the moment to choose to step into extraordinary expansion and achievement? Especially when you engage in action that nourishes your soul and its desires.

Until mid-November you are able to communicate profound insights. Ones that move you to the core and transform those you are sharing them with.

These days in Scorpio are to enable us all to see, whether we are ready or not, who and what we really are beneath all our facades, pretences, stories and make believe.

Each of us can benefit immensely - financially, intimately, and psychologically, from being honest with yourself and the relationship with your partners.
October Full Moon

The full moon rises at 16.45 UTC on 24th October. In Taurus, it will reveal the vulnerabilities and interconnection between your love life and your finances. Highlighting where they are imbalanced.

Raising the questions of “How we love/do what we love”. Practical solutions will be offered, ultimately leading to greater and new notions of security and stability - outcomes that by their nature will endure.

One Spirit Work

Our next Discovering the Inner Realms…a Journey into Shamanism is on 27th and 28th October. The weekend before, 19th to 21st October we have Working with Energy. It will empower you to understand, receive and give energy. So enabling you to integrate energy work within your daily practice as well as cultivate and use your intuition.

A full list of our events can be found on Shamanics in Portugal´s Facebook page as well as its web site -

In summary, to make the most of this period in Scorpio to:

Explore your feelings – you will have remarkable clarity on matters not seen before…

Have deep, compassionate, heart-to-heart conversations.

Speak with utmost honesty and vulnerability.

Spontaneously contact a friend or loved one.

Listen attentively and share deeply – secrets and truths revealed will cleanse and heal.

Your very gestures and words will create a ripple which has a lasting effect.

To No Longer Hiding the True You

Blessings to all


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