If you are frequently suffering from insomnia problems, trying out natural remedy is the best solution for curing it. Insomnia, if not taken seriously can even lead to vivid health problems like diabetes, high blood pressure, heart diseases and mental disorders. Leading a healthy lifestyle with proper medications helps to a great extend in solving sleeplessness troubles. Curing suggestions of insomnia can be made only after analyzing and recognizing its cause of occurrence. These causes for the occurrence of insomnia may not be unique always. Sometimes, insomnia may arise due to several factors. Both physical and psychological factors play equally important roles in causing insomnia.

Consumption of certain drugs, diseases, over intake of beverages like tea, coffee, stress, anxiety and depression are some of the factors leading way to insomnia. Now let's see some of the natural remedies which can help you in curing sleeplessness. Valerian is one of the best remedial measures for curing insomnia problems. Valerian relaxes your body muscles and assures you a restful night sleep. Lack of side effect is the main advantage in using valerian. Valerian is well known for the treatment of hypertension and stress, which comes as the causes of insomnia.

Valerian is now commonly available as tea powders and tinctures. Drinking a hot cup of milk mixed with honey or drinking plain warm milk before bed time assures you good sleep. Mixing nutmeg powder with warm milk and having it before sleep time is another remedial measure for insomnia. You can also drink warm milk with pippali powder mix before bed time for inducing fast asleep.

Sesame oil is an important natural cure commonly used for the treatment of insomnia. Lecithin present in sesame oil alleviates nervous disorders by relaxing nerve cells. Massaging eyelids and soles of feet by sesame oil before bed time helps in enhancing your sleep. It is also a powerful rejuvenator and an antidepressant promoting good sleep. Honey is one among the simplest home remedies for curing sleeplessness. Mix honey with cardamom seed powder and have it before bed time for inducing a restful sleep. Rauwolfia is another natural cure which helps you in curing sleeplessness. Rauwolfia, else referred as Serpagandha known for its sedative properties is mixed with linseed, mustard or sesame oil for the treatment.

It is better to take medicine before going to sleep for effective results. Drinking herbal tea is yet another natural remedy for sleeplessness issues. Catnip, anise, fennel and chamomile are versatile herbal tea available in market for curing insomnia problems. Many of these cures are mild sedatives, muscle relaxants and antidepressants which make you fall asleep. Presence of L-theanine amino acid in herbal tea reduces anxiety and depression. Prepare a balanced diet with food items rich in vitamin B, vitamin D, calcium and magnesium which assure you good sleep. Hops fruit or strobile is another herbal cure commonly used for alleviating stress and insomnia issues. California poppy, St John's wort, oatstraw and lavender are other natural remedies which can help you cure sleeplessness.

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