There are some true inspirational people such as Martin Luther King jr,
Mother Teresa, Albert Einstein, Gandhi, and so many more that the list
goes on and on. For every aspect of life you can be sure that there's an inspirational person to be found.

Do you have anything in common with the people I listed above? Probably more than you think. These people were successes in their own lives, but their outwardly focus was not in business, it was changing people's lives (which, truth be told, is actually the real reason you’re aiming for such high success as a home business entrepreneur).

The quotes you read from very inspirational people may not necessarily
be "directly" related to your home business. However, that's not to say
that you cannot learn from them and apply their principles while on your own success journey.

I read quite a bit and I was reading an essay the other day about 50
Cent (gangster-rapper). Granted, his lifestyle isn't particularly one to
be modeled after. . . but nevertheless, his recipe for success is:

"Now he [50 Cent] thought it was time to get away from the drug world and try hip-hop. He knew nothing about constructing songs, but he told himself he would succeed. 'Once I focus on something, it’s gotta work for me,' he says. 'I won't turn off from it. I convince myself it's gonna work and then no one can convince me that it's not.'"

Even 50 Cent believes in total immersion and ultimate focus, and isn't
that something you can apply to your own life and business? You may not have THAT much in common with a gangster rapper; but you both have determination and a hunger for success.

You have to create your own path to success, but you can do it riding on the shoulders of giants. Study the teachings of those who have carved their path to success and it will make your journey that much easier.

Sometimes success comes from sheer determination and hard work, and other times it come thanks to connections and luck. But one theme rings familiar in all inspirational people. They're happy where they are and they never stop growing. It's a process that keeps developing. Read biographies, interesting stories, or even videos. You can gain inspiration from the most unlikeliest of places.

I once got a business idea from reading a menu. Where will yours come from?

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