Today I received a paper written by a 13 year old girl. She loves to perform and when she finally had her chance on center stage, she got butterflies and felt as though she could burst. What struck me was that this young lady put herself in the present moment and used her senses. She smelled the dusty old stage and at that moment she knew she was unstoppable. She sang a song and proved not only to herself but to many others that she was amazing and clearly unstoppable. This 13 year old girl learned from her ownself that she could do anything that she set her mind to. She saw her parent's reactions in the audience and felt that validation and pure confidence.

Often times we don't even realize that our children have the same fears and anxieties that adults have, nor do we think they doubt themselves,but this young girl reaffirmed how important it is to never give up and go for what you want in life. This performance for her that was at a camp probably felt like she was on Broadway, but more than that, any time she has self doubt, she will remember the smell of the dusty stage and know that she can, again be unstoppable.

Even as early as 13 years of age, passion is present if you open your mind and heart to it. She went through the emotions of nervousness, fear and excitement and she could have froze on stage but she made a choice to move forward and change her life on this day! She showed herself and her family, " Yes She Can!" And she did. I do not know this young girl, but I admire her courage and her attitude, these are the ingredients that one needs to live the life of their dreams.

Take a moment and think about a time when you wanted to do something but didn't belive you could and think of what you could have done if you just believed in yourself. Think of this 13 year old girl and how a shift in emotions and attitude can conquer all. Life is all how you think, how you dream and how far you will go to feel your passion.

This is inspiration! She is unstoppable and so are you if you just believe!

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Kristen L. Baker is a Certified Master Life Coach, Spiritual Coach and Wellness Coach. She is a published author and a business owner. Her passion is to help others achieve their dreams and eliminate any anxieties in their lives.
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