Much of my coaching and training work over the years can be summarized in a couple of words: “psychology” and “relationships”….I’m over simplifying it, but I’ve seen lives change and careers skyrocket based on one’s predominant thoughts (i.e. psychology…confidence/inspiration) and the strength of one’s relationships - how we relate to others and they relate to us.

How can we use these two concepts, and inspire ourselves in these times, on the job or during a stressful job search? How can we shift our perspective from varied degrees of loss, fear and uncertainty to “accepting” our circumstances and creating inspiration?
It’s easier said than done, and this isn’t new news. But let’s look at it from a different angle, five “mind shifters” that have worked for me and my clients……

1. Attitude = Altitude….
Whether we recognize it or not, business associates, peers and leaders are always assessing our attitude, perseverance, “stick-to-it-iveness”, openness to change, especially in the wake of business challenges, limited career options, a long and arduous job search. Not to be driven solely by what others think, but in the workplace we win points, our value increases, others see this positive behavior, want to associate and work with us. Often we don’t recognize this relationship dynamic; it’s a must in the job search, interview and network process. How do others see you as viewing change? What actions can you take to be more “accepting” of these “changes”?

2. Be an inspiration to others……
During times of change and adversity we oftentimes take ourselves for granted, especially in the peaks and valleys of corporate America. Some days we’re feeling like we’re on the fast track and then there are days where it seems that the rug has been pulled out. During the latter, recognize that not only does attitude = altitude, but that others depend on us to be an example. Family, friends and associates see inspiration, determination in us when we don’t see it. Are you an inspiration to others? What can you can do to be more of an inspiration?

3. “And this too shall pass”…..
We know of the cycles of personal change (ending, neutral zone, new beginning). The stages are as varied as the authors, but for every change, loss…adversity, something has to “end”…a relationship, career path, position. At the exact time of this “ending”, exists the potential for a “new beginning” - an opportunity for growth, to overcome a challenge. Moving from an “ending” to “new beginning” is no easy task. Working through the roller coaster of emotions we ultimately come out the other side of this cycle, “accepting” change, realizing our lessons. But remember, “this too shall pass”, for our work life is but an endless cycle of “endings” and “new beginnings”. What are the endings that you’re facing? What “new beginnings” inspire you?

4. Focus on your Opportunities……
Where do you focus your thoughts and energy? “Endings”, losses, or on your possibilities, “new beginnings”? Some researchers say that we have as many as 50,000 thoughts in any given day, and our success depends on where we place those thoughts. Limit your intake of the daily dose of depressing TV and news shows; surround yourself with possibility thinkers, positive relationships and reading. What are you focusing on? How can you improve your focus?

5. Visualize Success……..
Many of the most successful business professionals, leaders and athletes use a form of visualization to experience in their mind a goal, activity or coming event. Scientists say that the exact same muscles fire in an athlete’s “mental rehearsal” as they would in the actual event. When you rehearse and experience that planned new job, promotion or successful interview in the here and now, you begin to program yourself for success and inspiration.

Use these five psychology/relationship “shifters” to change your perspective, build value, confidence and focus on “new beginnings” as you create inspiration in times of adversity.

Author's Bio: 

Gary Recchion, with Recchion and Associates, Inc., is a writer, coach and speaker with 20 years in global career development and outplacement coaching and training supporting both individual and corporate clients from Phoenix, Arizona. His book, "The 10 Success Strategies to Finding the Right Work", is integral to job search/career transition training and coaching programs, offered in the classroom, through one-on-one face-to-face, and virtual e-coaching, and soon webinar. His Career Development programs include Personal Career Leadership series, Five Principles of Career Success series, Understanding Emotional Intelligence and Hiring Great People. For more information on his book, individual and executive coaching, and corporate training programs see or e-mail Gary at