Very often we come to the end of passages in our lives. It might be a job and in my case one example has been when a radio station has closed. We were leaving our listeners and there was a sense of bereavement. I certainly felt anger as I felt I knew who had caused the problems. I certainly felt the annoyance that if another person had done what the job asked of that person then the station might not have closed. I had also put lots of effort into making contacts around the world of people I find inspirational.

On this podcast I am speaking with Sir Berks who is an entertainer in Palm Springs, California. Berks is 86 and has had two replacement knees but he will drive around 100 kilometres to do his Vaudeville act.

He is absolutely amazing and not only does he do his act he used to get up for me at 4 o'clock in the morning to have a chat giving an insight to what goes on in the other side of the world at a similar latitude.

I also think it is healthy to get the perspectives of our seniors to see whther they are still concerned about the same things which concern us. We were discussing the environment and how the cutting down of too many trees has been promoting flooding and rain damage. We have had problems like this in parts of Spain but we were horrified to see how many places round the world have suffered from this problem.

We also talked about the value of talking to each other about our problems and how also indigenous people round the world have suffered at the hands of incomers.We always tended to find some very interesting topics to discuss.
This was always endorsing my feelings that older people have so much to offer us if only we care to listen.

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Vince is a very experienced broadcaster having worked for the
BBC in England and Onda Cero in Spain and Radio H in France.
He also is a qualified teacher and lecturer with degrees in the study of Recreation and the Community (BA) and Philosophy in Education (B. Phil Ed). He has a commitment to podcasting interesting material for people to freely choose what they would like to listen to.