That extra-special season is just around the corner. The days are getting shorter and the temperatures are dropping. Before we know it, it will be the holidays again! If you are like me, you might look forward to the holidays with a healthy mix of excitement and trepidation. You want the events to go well, the family members to get along, and the schedule to run smoothly. If you are a gardener, you probably also want the decorations and plants to look merry and bright. Preparing the fairy garden can be one of the most enjoyable parts of the holiday “getting ready” time.

Have you made plans for your holiday miniature garden? It can be sweet and simple to add fan favorites like Santa Claus, snowmen, and similar miniature accessories. However, you may want to take it up a notch this year, and consider a slightly subtler, more sophisticated design. Does that pique your interest? If so, read on for some seasonal inspiration.

Planters and Miniature Accessories

Alongside your North Pole-themed miniature garden, you may want to create a fairy garden that exudes all the magic of the holiday season without the classic characters. As you begin to brainstorm, I challenge you to imagine an elegant holiday party. Good food, gorgeous decorations, and plenty of holiday cheer abound. What stands out in that scene? It might be a rich, neutral color palette, or the twinkling accent of metallic accessories. Hearty gold and silver ornaments adorn the tree, and presents are wrapped in satin bows. A jazzy tune plays in the background. Ah, the holidays.

How do you translate that dinner party to the miniature garden? Start by considering your planters. Whether you have a singular container garden or an entire patio full of planters, you can get them ready for the season. No, you do not need to paint them with Santa hats and snowflakes. Instead, consider neutral patterns, paints that sparkle, and even marbled motifs. Ripples, dashes, dots, waves, and stripes all make attractive patterns when painted onto garden containers.

Will you include a Christmas tree in your holiday miniature garden? If so, this is the ideal time to consider some new ornaments. For a sophisticated look, choose metallic tree decorations, or even all-white ornaments. These days, you can find tree skirts of all sizes in minimalist patterns, black and white buffalo check, and other basic prints. As you consider other miniature accessories for your holiday fairy garden, try to stay within the theme. Gold, silver, black, and white décor, with a hint of dark red and green, will give your miniature garden a cohesive look.

Trees and Plants

Perhaps you are building a holiday miniature garden from scratch, and you’re considering some new miniature plants. If so, remember that plants and trees go a long way towards setting the scene in a fairy garden. Tropical plants and brightly-colored flowers remind few people of the holiday season. Instead, consider plants with foliage that matches your elegant miniature garden. Some plants, such as Artemisia smithiana, Silver Mound, have a silvery appearance that complements the metallic touches in the garden. It does well in rock gardens and borders. Pilea glauca is a trailing ground cover plant that sports dark red stems. Artemisia x intermedia, Silver Brocade has handsome silver foliage. It flourishes in containers.

If you are not in the market for ground cover plants, there are still plenty of options. Chamaecyparis obtusa, Fernspray Gold has golden fronds that would stand out and coordinate well with holiday miniature accessories. And Ledebouria socialis features a silver color that will shine in any container garden or fairy garden.

Ready to get started? Whether you go the old-fashioned route and fill your fairy garden with Santa scenes, or lean towards a more minimalist theme, we cannot wait to see the holiday miniature gardens you plant and decorate this year.

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