There is an evolutionary and cultural shift happening right now to a heart-based way of living. Life is requesting this.

We can see from the problem of heart disease that we don’t pay good attention to our hearts. For a long time we have worshiped the mind. The mind has accomplished many great things but it has also brought us to where we are today and created many of the problems we now are experiencing.

Fortunately a new culture of the heart is emerging which is what is needed to solve today’s problems. The heart has an intelligence that is different from the mind. The heart has great intuition and wisdom and communicates to us differently than the mind does.

The heart communicates through sensations, visions, dreams, inspiration and feelings. The heart is grateful for all that is offered to it. It gives what it has to everyone the same. The heart doesn’t hide anything from anyone or anything. It beats out the same message to all.

The mind complains when expectations are not met. The heart accepts all that is given to it and gives all that it contains.

There is an evolution going on now where the rules we’ve lived by are evolving or becoming obsolete. We can see this all around us. Institutions are changing or breaking down.

We are in this process whether we admit it or not. To evolve means to adapt and in order for us to thrive we need to center ourselves in what is already happening. The way to do this is through the heart.

We are becoming more aware of our interconnectedness and being asked to rely on our feelings and intuition in new ways. Life is telling us that it’s okay to:
 See life from the heart.

 Listen to the wisdom of the heart.
 Have a change of heart about our approach to life.
 Open the heart.
 Soften the heart.
 Expand the heart.
 Dive into the heart.
 See the heart the way it really is, multi-dimensional and full of Grace.

Life comes to us. It finds us. It brings us exactly what we need whether we know it or not. We can allow what wants to happen to happen. This is manifestation. It starts within and radiates out and then reflects back.

Living from the heart is allowing other people to be as they are without judging , agreeing or disagreeing.

I recommend that you practice heart-centered mindfulness. Become aware of your breath and heart. Try to feel your heartbeat or pulse. Feel those two primal rhythms, breath and heartbeat. Now harmonize them by breathing rhythmically and slowly and deeply. This IS harmony and scientists call it Coherence.

Add a feeling of appreciation to your practice. This takes you deeper. Appreciate anything and everything you can. Find something easy to appreciate and hold that feeling in your heart space while breathing.

Life has an intelligence that holds everything and knows when we need something, and brings it to us. It is a field of energy that surround us all the time.

We are transceivers, like a walkie-talkie. We receive messages from the field around us and we broadcast our own messages out from the heart into the field. So everyone is really connected to everyone else all the time in this way.
Meditating upon the heart softens the heart and opens it and energizes it. Give your heart your breath and attention.

This energizes your heart, and harmonizes it with your surroundings. Other people pick up your vibrations. So send out the vibration of appreciation wherever you go and watch it come back to you.

The heart operates like a bowl, filled and emptied by our experiences in life. It also leaks. Every heart has wounds that leak energy and deplete the heart’s store of love and inspiration.

A large heart may have few leaks and can contain love and inspiration through hard times. But when the heart is empty then it needs to be recharged like a battery. Heart meditations bring that energy to our hearts.

Heart meditations heal the wounds of the heart energetically. We use mediation practices that utilize our breath and awareness to purify, energize and heal the heart.

We have an energetic-emotional heart that contains specific dimensions or aspects. The dimensions of the heart are:

 Height – idealism and optimism
 Depth – compassion and empathy
 Width – stability, influence and tolerance
 Forward – creativity, generosity, radiance
 Inner – capacity for love and growth

Learn the practices of meditating on your heart and you will recharge your mental, physical, and emotional batteries. You will connect with your deepest, most authentic self. You will be at the gateway to the Divine.

Heart meditation will connect you first to a personal feeling, which will lead to a deeper feeling, until you arrive at a pool of pure emotion which is vast. This is a unique and wonderful experience of living from the heart. And it can all begin in a heartbeat.

Author's Bio: 

Curtis Simpson is a heart rhythm meditation instructor and publisher of the Healthy Heart Meditation website.