Bollywood is a hub of Hindi film Industry. This name is inspired from Hollywood. Mumbai (then “Bombay”) is called Bollywood whenever the issue of Hindi movies is being talked of. Bollywood Movie News in Hindi is taken with delight because of the involvement of Film Stars and the dazzle come with them. They are as much celebrities as our great politicians who routinely come and go in Delhi news in Hindi. Along with maintaining their presence in news, politicians fill reel life equally in roles if not personally. Hindi Movies with political themes are worthy of a try in contrast to bad imitations of best Hollywood movies in the pretext of inspiration. People from film industry should have guessed that long back that Hindi literature is much more worthy of filmmaking than imitating anything foreign.

The concept of “inspiration” is not new for Indian Cinema. Good story line and perfect editing compensates for most of the difference. Selective Star cast with good acting skills act as icing on the cake. Negative criticism is mostly results from wilting scripts with weak direction of the movie coupled with minimum or not-so-serious efforts. Sometimes, it is felt that movies were great when Indian film Industry was in nascent stage. Post-Independence movies had reflection of originality and Hindi literature as the issues raised were justified by then prevailing sentiment of freedom. Then there were serious issues regarding poverty, illiteracy, unity, non-violence, etc. that held importance and audience appeal. We witness dramatic differences if we compare these two periods of Indian Cinema.

With progress in technology we have degraded in most fundamental idea of filmmaking, which is story. Creative heads take it for granted that superior sound technology, cinematography etc. could compensate for a story. Filmmaking would have been more than hype if the projects were inspired from any literary work. There are famous names of the same Indian cinema who have landmarked their works. Bollywood Movie News in Hindi has archived many such achievements that are referred time and again.

Works of fiction based on political grounds have often made good watches when they were translated into movies. Hindi Movies are also not an exception to this observation. Filmmaking efforts on this theme sometimes make Delhi news in Hindi when they invoke particular sentiments among Movie critics and audience alike. Bollywood Movie news in Hindi summarizes them as gossips for the sake of entertainment. We are yet to see that what place or stature Hindi literature can reach in this kind of environment. We can just hope for no more degradation of “inspirations”.

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