When you create an inviting and inspiring classroom for your students, they get to see who you are as a teacher. Decorating your classroom adds personality. Even though teachers are unable to control anything beyond the classroom for their students, you can help them by creating a nurturing environment during their formative years while they are in your class.

Your classroom is where you spend time with your students as they learn, building great relationships, and helping them achieve academic success and emotional growth.

The décor and style of your classroom build credibility with the parents of your students and the students themselves. Your students and parents get to see firsthand your creativity, passion, and ability to create a classroom environment that is conducive to learning.

Classroom Decorating Ideas for Your Door
The classroom door is the perfect place to make a great first impression for both students and parents. Your door should display warm greetings and a welcome to the class; this lets your students know that as individuals and as a part of the class team, they matter.

It’s always good to place positive messages instead of negative or authoritarian items on your door. You also want to ensure that you don’t overdo the door so that it looks like the entrance to a theme park. You don’t want to emphasize too much fun as it is still a classroom and a place of learning.

Also, be sure to use the back of the door because it is an ideal place to reinforce important ideas about organization, personal management, inspired learning, and responsibility. Students will keep these messages in mind during the time they spend outside of the classroom.

Classroom Decoration Ideas for Organization
Teachers are always amazed at the enormous size of their classrooms when their students have left the building. Classrooms get even bigger when the furniture is stacked up to prepare for summertime or the holidays.

When organizing your classroom, you will want to label objects clearly with images or text depending upon the ages of your students. Using bins for storage is also an excellent idea for organization. Consider bulletin board decorating ideas for the classroom.

Add some reading corners to your classroom to make the most of learning opportunities for students. Add soft furnishings to encourage students to grab a good book and take some time for self-reflection.

Inspiring classroom corners are also a great place for expressive visuals that reinforce the fundamental concepts of learning. Charts, posters, and excellent work by your students should also be displayed.

Themes in the Classroom
Classroom themes are great, but you will want to remember to change them out as the school year progresses. Décor should be fresh and not irrelevant or dated. Use materials on a single wall that you can change out quickly to suit new themes.

There are also ways to decorate your classroom on a budget. Many teachers are highly imaginative and will check out the bargain bins and get class supplies on sale to decorate and inspire opportunities for learning.

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