Do you think you’re one of the most inspiring people around? Do you think you deserve to be on that list? Well then, here’s my own checklist of the usual characteristics of inspiring people. Check it out and see if you belong—and if you do, then good for you. It’s always nice to feel recognized, isn’t it? 1.

Inspiring people are those who count their blessings. They savor and find joy in whatever they have—even in the littlest of things. They don’t whine and complain for what they don’t have because they know it’s just a waste of time. 2. Then, there are also courageous individuals not afraid to take the risk to do what their hearts long for—very inspiring.

It’s not always easy for most of us to do what feels so right. Examples like making unpopular decisions that will lead us to happiness, even if they go against the tide of other’s popular beliefs, opinions, like our family, friends, and colleagues; just as long as you know that you’re not hurting anyone in the process.

3. Inspiring people are also those who acknowledge there’s a problem to be solved but rather than blame others, they focus on looking for solutions and readily carry them out. These persons are worth looking up to. 4. Good-humored people who make others laugh is always a delight that inspires.

Having a great sense of humor is a gift that needs to spread around to contaminate happiness everywhere in order to lift a burden, albeit temporarily. Most inspiring people always make us smile more. 5. There are also individuals who listen but never judge—very admirable trait. This is patience at its very best, for how many of us who takes time to listen to someone without judging him? They know how to attack the problem and not the person, because they understand that nobody is perfect in this world.

6. It’s an inspiration when you know someone who readily and willingly apologized for the wrong/mistakes they’ve done and really mean it. It’s a brave thing when you sincerely apologize, because as they say, it’s hard to say “I’m sorry.” The same goes for the offended party to sincerely accept the apology and really mean it—very compassionate and humane.

6. And lastly, inspiring people are those talented and gifted persons who remain humble and never brag about their accomplishments. It’s a breath of fresh air to hear someone who truly achieved so much yet still keep their feet firmly planted on the ground.

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